Parker Thomson: ‘Coloradans for Incompetence’ |

Parker Thomson: ‘Coloradans for Incompetence’

To the Editor:

Politics is full of irony, especially around election time. Take for instance a group that calls themselves “Coloradans for Integrity.”

This group sends out a mailer that claims that Colorado State Senate candidate Randy Baumgardner voted a certain way on a couple of issues in hopes of persuading us voters to vote for “the other guy.” Guess what? They are wrong!

Randy Baumgardner flatly denied the claims of this group and showed everyone how to see how he really voted. I checked on the state government website to see how Mr. Baumgardner voted. It’s not the easiest to navigate, but from what I can tell, he voted just as he said.

This makes me wonder how this group can call themselves Coloradans for “Integrity.” The last I checked, the word “integrity” has something to do with honor and honesty. If you lie about someone’s voting record is that integrity?

OK. Maybe Coloradans for “Integrity” made an honest mistake about the way Mr. Baumgardner voted – twice. Maybe they should call themselves “Coloradans for Incompetence.” Or maybe they think that most of us are too stupid to check their claims. So call them “Coloradans for Stupidity.”

As a person that makes part of his livelihood in the ski industry, I have to wonder why Colorado Ski Country USA donated $12,500 to Coloradans for “Integrity?” What does this group’s concept of Integrity have to do with Colorado Ski Country USA? Maybe we should ask?

Parker Thomson