Peter Jon Calos: 1945-2012 |

Peter Jon Calos: 1945-2012

Peter Jon Calos


Peter Jon Calos, 67 died peacefully at his home in Boulder City on May 29, 2012. He was born in Dayton, Ohio April 14, 1945 to Peter and Ruth Calos. The Calos family came to Las Vegas in 1947. Peter lived in Southern Nevada for most of his life. He was a graduate of UNLV and a veteran of the US Army. After graduating from UNLV with a degree in Anthropology, Peter worked on a number of the university’s “digs”. His dream was to retire to Colorado where he spent some of the best years of his life. He was a cross-country ski instructor in Winter Park, Colo. during his 40s. An avid outdoors athlete, Peter thrived when biking, running, cross country skiing, fishing or hunting with his friends and his wife. In recent years Peter and Deb went on many rafting and fishing adventures throughout the west and Alaska. He loved to rub this in on his

annual Christmas cards, which usually depicted him smiling from a snowmobile, holding a 53-pound salmon in Alaska, or whitewater rafting. Peter was a Homicide Detective and a 17-year veteran with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police

Department. This last quarter of his life can best be described as his journey from lone wolf to family man. He loved living “away from the madness” in Boulder City, and the easy access to mountain biking and running trails. He and Deborah were together for 14 of these years and they married in March 2011. Peter loved Deb’s two daughters as his own and adored Deb’s five granddaughters and relished his role as spoiler and mentor. Sundays were a special time of large family dinners.

Peter also enjoyed the benefits of a second family-his Metro Homicide Team. This close-knit unit came to be the most interesting and rewarding brother/sisterhood he ever experienced. Peter was an extremely intelligent and consummate professional detective. They could count on Peter to have their “back.” This team always had his. The entire team came to his house and prepared Peter for his final journey-a solemn and moving tribute to their partner. During his illness they visited Peter frequently and discussed current cases in order to keep him involved with his team.

Peter is survived by his wife Deborah, Daughter Carmen (Paul) Shortino of Las Vegas, Sister Pamela (Ken) Hicks of Henderson, Brother Byron (Cynthia) Calos of Windsor, Calif., and Sister Christina (Greg) Kunzer-Murphy of Henderson. Stepdaughters Rachael and Carla (Chad) Bailley of Las Vegas, and their children: Katelyn Brown, Spike (Ashley Brown), Hotrod (Samantha Bailley), Tank (Alyssa Bailley), Gracie (Kyra Grace Brown). He was preceded in death by his mother Virginia Ruth Calos Woodrum and father Peter Nicholas Calos.