Photo: Grand Community Gardens |

Photo: Grand Community Gardens

Debbie Buhayer of Grand Community Gardens works with students at the Fraser garden. Leigh Edwards of the Fraser Metropolitan Recreation District thanks Grand Community Gardens for welcoming Summer Day Camp kids to participate in these weekly gardening activities The children were introduced to various gardening techniques, helped plant various seeds, and tended their garden plots over the course of the summer. "Debbie taught the children about the different types of herbs and vegetables growing in their gardens and the kids were excited to try beets, radishes, mint, potatoes, spinach, and other vegetables they grew (as surprising as it sounds!). Debbie brought zucchini bread and dried sweet potatoes for the kids to try, furthering the children’s understanding of where our food originates," Edwards said. "It was very generous of Debbie to donate her time to offer this fun and educational program to our summer day camp kids."
Leigh Edwards | Fraser Valley Metropolitan Recre

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