Photo: Rotary donates big check to Grand Angels |

Photo: Rotary donates big check to Grand Angels

The Rotary Club of Grand Lake donated $6,000 to Grand Angels for food vouchers for the Grand Lake food bank. Rotary also challenged Grand Angels to go after three other challenge grants. Those four along with a $4,000 merchant challenge grant from the Grand Foundation multiplied to $65,000 for Grand Angles' bi-annual Loaves and Fish "fun" raiser, meaning as many as 1,300 Grand county neighbors in need of food and/or a hand up will be helped. Pictured from left are: Rotarian Wendy Hurt, Rotarian Jackie Tompkins, Grand Angels volunteer Deb Gahan, Grand Angels volunteer Steph Holt, and Rotary president Geoff Elliot.
Photo by Linda Spaet of Grand Angels |

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