Photo with Winter Park ‘Cat Man’ story had wrong date |

Photo with Winter Park ‘Cat Man’ story had wrong date

To the Editor:

If you are one of those who may have read the story “John, the Cat Man” in Tuesday’s newspaper, the date on the accompanying photo is incorrect. The photo was forwarded to the newspaper from the office of the Grand County Historical Association in Hot Sulphur Springs without a date. The photographs in the Association’s archives are all dated, as accurately as possible, from information received by the donor at the time it was given to the organization.

This photo was taken ca. 1925 when a group of buildings were located at the West Portal of the Moffat Tunnel to accommodate living quarters for the workers who dug the tunnel from 1924 to 1927.

How the incorrect date got on the photo is a mystery.

Barbara Mitchell

Board of Directors

Grand County Historical Association

Editor’s note: An editing mistake resulted in the incorrect date being placed on the photograph.