Pine beetle column was welcome, informative |

Pine beetle column was welcome, informative

To the Editor:

Thanks to Jon De Vos for his informative article, “Boring, boring, boring,” on Friday, June 12. It explained a few things about the life cycle of the pine beetle, though it did seem to skip over the pupae stage, however short it may be.

One question I have that was not answered relates to the holes I see in tree trunks. Yes, there are some about the size of BBs, but what about the tiny, pin-head sized holes? Maybe they are made by the larva coming out for a breather now and then? I mean, the atmosphere in those tiny tunnels must become rather obnoxious, if not noxious, during that 10 month period, not to mention “being under the influence” the whole time. I’d think they’d want a breath of fresh air now and then.

Speaking of “under the influence,” it appears from the Court Report that pine beetle larva are not the only life form keeping warm this chilly spring with alcohol (related to glycerol with a variation of chemical makeup). Yes, I’ve heard the comments about worms and related life forms.

Marion Bricker


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