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Police seek vaccination status after dog bite

This image shows the arm of the victim from the dog bite and the two puncture wounds the woman sustained during the incident.
Courtesy photo / Granby Police |

A dog bite incident in Granby last week has sparked concern from local authorities who are still working to locate the dog involved and its owner to verify vaccination records for the animal.

According to a police report filed on the incident on Aug. 21 sometime around 9 a.m. a Granby area woman, the victim in the incident, had just parked her vehicle on the east side of Granby’s 7 Eleven convenience store and was approaching the business entrance when she encountered a male party with a dog on a leash. The man was standing on the sidewalk in front of 7-Eleven.

According to the police report the victim told investigators she took a wide berth around the man and his dog, stepping into the store parking lot, as she passed the pair. As she did so the dog lunged at the woman and bite her arm, according to the report. The victim told investigators the dog was on a leash at the time of the bite and that the man was holding the leash.

The police report goes on to state the man with the dog acknowledged the incident and asked the victim to approach closer to allow him to examine the injury caused by the bite; which the victim declined.

The victim described the man as being between five feet, five inches and five feet, eight inches with a husky build and wearing jeans and a ball cap. She described the dog as a pit bull breed with three colors: white, brown and black. Additionally the victim said the man referred to the dog by name, calling the dog “Turbo”.

Officers from the Granby Police Department were called to the scene at 9:08 a.m. on the morning of the incident. The responding officer was already in the area at the time the incident was reported. The officer arrived at 7-Eleven within minutes of the initial report but found no one in the area walking a dog. Grand County Animal Control also responded to the scene and could not locate the dog or its owner, and could find no registration or vaccination records.

Local officials are still looking for the dog or its owner primarily out of concern for the victim and potential ongoing medical requirements. Investigators do not know if the dog was properly vaccinated, including rabies vaccinations, and as such the victim may be required to undergo unnecessary medical treatments, depending on the dog’s vaccination status. Officials are still hoping the man involved in the incident will come forward.

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