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Political train picks up speed

Drew Munro / From the Editor
Grand County, CO Colorado

Most Coloradans who can fog a mirror are by now painfully aware that we live in a political battleground state: Look no further than the waste basket at your local post office for ample evidence of the daily bombardment to which we are being subjected.

Still, it is better than the alternative, which is to live in a state where the outcome of presidential and all other statewide elections is a foregone conclusion. Your vote matters here – greatly – and is likely to help determine who the next president will be.

It also makes for some entertaining, if a bit annoying and sometimes disappointing, spectating. And if you think it has already reached a fever pitch, brace yourselves: CNN and Fox News, among others, are preparing intensive reports from the “purple” swing state of Colorado.

CNN is planning a sort of “whistle stop” tour of Colorado by train to delve into the mysterious topic – mysterious in Atlanta, anyway – of why a state such as Colorado has so many independent, undecided voters. (Could it have something to do with the fact that nearly 40 percent of Colorado voters actually vote for individual candidates rather merely toeing the party line?)

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I know this because CNN wanted to interview me for the piece when they stop here in River City. Alas, that was not to be. Instead of preening for their cameras and sharing my laser beam insights into Colorado voter proclivities, I will be chasing elusive wapiti around the forested canyons of far western Colorado in hopes of replenishing my freezer stock.

In any event, when that lonesome whistle blows into town sometime soon – could it be this weekend, perhaps Sunday? – CNN crews will be interviewing several locals who will share their thoughts. The show is tentatively scheduled to air sometime during the last week of October.

Interestingly, CNN officials declined to get back in touch with this newspaper when we told them we wanted to do a story about the Granby leg of their tour. I got the impression they were concerned that conservatives who don’t appreciate what they consider the news network’s liberal bias might “greet” them.

So, in the interests of fairness and self-righteous retribution, I feel compelled to share information from one of the thousands of campaign-related emails I’ve received during the past month: Fox News’ Monica Crowley will be headlining a tour of Colorado next week.

Unfortunately, the “fair and balanced” Fox News – LOL! – did not see fit to schedule a Grand County stop during its bus tour of the state. Nevertheless, with stops planned from Fort Collins, Thorton and Lakewood to Colorado Springs, Pueblo and Fruita, it seems to me Fox might encounter a somewhat broader sample of Colorado voters than CNN is likely to find along the railroad line.

Sports correspondent wanted

During a recent visit to Middle Park High School, a few members of Panther sports teams shared with me their disappointment that the Sky-Hi News no longer writes regular stories about every Middle Park High School game or team.

We would certainly prefer to, though budget constraints prevent us from hiring a sports reporter, per se. However, we’ve asked before and will repeat the plea here: I welcome anyone with an interest in writing a weekly sports roundup for East Grand to contact me and we’ll talk about the possibilities.

For that matter, if any parents, coaches, or students would like to take a shot at it, let me know. It doesn’t pay much, but the work is often its own reward.

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