Prescribed burn today – Rocky Mountain National Park |

Prescribed burn today – Rocky Mountain National Park

There will be a prescribed burn in Rocky Mountain National Park today in the Beaver Meadows area. This will likely take place Thursday and possibly Friday as well.

The Upper Beaver Meadows Road will be closed during this project, however, the road should open this evening for elk viewing. At this time, visitors will be allowed to walk on the road but no vehicles or bikes will be allowed. Trailheads along that road, including Beaver Mountain Trail, will be closed for public safety as well.

This general burn area is roughly 400 acres, however, not all 400 acres will be burned.

There may be temporary road lane closures today due to smoke.

The goals of the prescribed burn:

Minimize the risk to local communities by reducing accumulated fuels.

Reintroduce fire into the ecosystem to reduce fuels and limit the

occurrence of stand replacement wildfires.

Lessen smoke impacts by burning smaller units under favorable weather


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