Project restricts access to Wolford Mountain Reservoir |

Project restricts access to Wolford Mountain Reservoir

Scheduled maintenance on the dam at Wolford Mountain Reservoir will restrict foot access across the crest of the earthen dam for about three weeks, according to officials at the Colorado Rive District.

The maintenance will require roads to be built across the downstream face of the dam so that electronic monitors can be put in place. The sensors will record any settling that takes place in the 15-year-old structure.

“Once the work is fully under way, it is going to look like a construction zone,” said Dan Birch, chief engineer and deputy general manager of the River District. “We want the public to be aware of the activity and in this highly visible and active fishing spot.”

The day use area adjacent to the dam will remain open and anglers will still be able to access the reservoir as well as Muddy Creek below the dam.

The campground and boat ramp two miles north of the dam will not be affected by the construction.