Prominent weed problem is within Granby’s jurisdiction |

Prominent weed problem is within Granby’s jurisdiction

To the Editor:

The Grand County Weed Board has received numerous complaints about the weed problem on the property at the west end of Granby. We are aware that the operators of the Surefire property have done little if anything to control the weed problem on the property.

According to state law, the county has the authority to enter private property and effect the necessary control on noxious weeds, if the property is within county jurisdiction. Such action, if not paid for by the owner, would result in a lien on the property. Such action could be taken as a result of action by the county commissioners.

As the Surefire property is an annexed part of the Town of Granby, the above action is the responsibility of the Town of Granby. I refer you to the Colorado Weed Law (Title 35, Article 5.5) for the authority you have to take care of this problem. This area of weed infestation is a major concern of many property owners that surround this property but are not within the Granby boundaries. Weeds growing there will spread to many areas surrounding it and need to be controlled before that happens.

If you need help as you proceed in your efforts to resolve your problem, contact County Weed Supervisor Jennifer Scott.

David C. Abbott

Grand County Weed Board