Protesters: Don’t like this country? I’ll pay for your one way ticket out |

Protesters: Don’t like this country? I’ll pay for your one way ticket out

To the Editor:

This is just my opinion, but I feel I have a right to express it just as the people I saw in Denver a few weeks ago protesting the war in Iraq. They were holding signs saying, “How many more Iraqis must die?”

I could not believe my eyes. I should have stopped and beat them with their signs, but fortunately they live in a free country and have the right to express their opinion, just as i do.

I feel it was a disgrace to out forefathers and all our veterans and all the unselfish men and women currently in the military. You can agree or disagree for the reasons we are over there, but the fact is, we live in the greatest country there is. And if any American does not like it here, there are airplanes that fly our of this country every day.

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I will personally drive that person to the airport and buy you a ticket to that place that you feel is so suffering because of us. (It will be a one-way ticket.)

These protesters should spend the same amount of time and effort going to all the people who lost loved ones during Sept. 11 and all the families that have lost sons, daughters, mothers and fathers to car bombs, roadside bombs and other terrorist, cowardly acts. Remember, the only reason you can condemn our military and country for being in the war is because you can, without fear that tomorrow you will have your head removed from your body with a machete at the local softball field.

People who display this ignorance and disrespect, take advantage of all the opportunities, and the freedoms in this country and then condemn the very thing that protects you, it’s simple: If you do not like it here, go away. Remember, in this country you can leave if you want.

A soldier is someone willing to die so you do not have to. They don’t even have to know you. I am sure the men and women in our military would love to be at home with their families just as we are. But they are there so we can be here. Only a couple of people have been willing to die for us – Jesus Christ and the soldier.

Robert Johnson


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