Public meeting agenda: Granby Board of Trustees |

Public meeting agenda: Granby Board of Trustees

TOWN OF GRANBYBOARD OF TRUSTEES APRIL 14, 2009AGENDA5:00 P.M. DINNER, SWEEPER PRESENTATION, AND TOUR AT NEW TOWN SHOP6:00 P.M.MAYOR PIERRO TO CALL THE REGULAR MEETING OF THE TOWN OF GRANBY BOARD OF TRUSTEES TO ORDER AT THE TOWN HALL, ZERO JASPER AVENUE (Any Board member with any potential conflicts of interest regarding any of the agenda matters will declare them at this time.) 6:05 P.M. (1) COMMITTEE / STAFF UPDATES AND REPORTSa. Administrative / Chair Shaw / Trustees Coatney and Henrekin-Town Clerk Report-Finance Reportb. Buildings and Streets / Chair Guthridge / Trustees Coatney and Mordini -Street Reportc. Economic Development / Chair Mordini / Trustees Raffety and Henrekin-Chamber Report / Sharon Brenner-Main Street Report / Sharon Brennerd. Parks & Recreation / Chair Raffety / Trustees Shaw and Guthridge-Parks Report-Recreation Reporte. Public Safety / Chair Coatney / Trustees Guthridge and Mordini-Police Reportf. Water / Chair Henrekin / Trustees Raffety and Shaw- North Service Water Report-South Service Water Reportg. Mayoral Report and Update / Mayor Pierroh. Town Managers Report, Requests and Update / Wally Baird-Update on Jasper Street Project and Board Approval of Design-Update on Thompson Road Project-Update on Kremmling Memorial Hospital District Clinic-Update on Inn at SilverCreeki. Town Attorneys Report and Update / Scott Krob7:00 P.M. (2)CONSENT AGENDA (The items listed under AConsent Agenda Matters@ are a group of items to be acted on with a single motion and vote. This agenda is designed to expedite the handling of limited routine matters by the Board. The Board has received the information on these matters in their Board packets prior to the meeting. The Mayor will ask if any citizen wishes to have any specific item discussed. A Board member may request that an item be removed from the Consent Agenda on behalf of a citizen or himself and will state when the item will be discussed in the meeting or tabled to another meeting. The removal of an item will require a second and a majority vote of the Board to be removed. Items on the consent agenda are then voted on by a single motion, second, and non-roll call vote.)(a)Accounts Payable for April 14, 2009(b)Paid Invoice Report for March, 2009(c)March 10 and March 24, 2009 Minutes(d)Liquor License Renewal for Longbranch Restaurant(e)Liquor License Renewal for City MarketCITIZENS REQUESTS AND PUBLIC HEARINGS:7:05 P.M. (3)SHOREFOX 3RD AMENDMENT TO THE PDOD CONTINUE PER THE APPLICANT TO THE MAY 12TH MEETING AT A TIME TO BE DETERMINED BY STAFF7:10 P.M. (4)DISCUSSION AND POSSIBLE APPROVAL OF THE FIRST AMENDMENT TO THE ANNEXATION AND DEVELOPMENT AGREEMENT FOR SOLVISTA (NKA GRANBY RANCH)7:25 P.M. (5)DISCUSSION AND POSSIBLE APPROVAL OF AN INTERGOVERNMENTAL AGREEMENT BETWEEN THE TOWN OF GRANBY, COLORADO AND THE GRANBY SANITATION DISTRICT, CONCERNING THE INTERRUPTION OF WATER SERVICE FOR NON-PAYMENT OF SEWER FEES7:40 P.M. ANY OTHER CITIZEN REQUESTS 7:45 P.M.ANY OTHER MATTERS TO COME BEFORE THE BOARD;EXECUTIVE SESSION – C.R.S. SECTION 24-6-402(4); ORMEETING TO ADJOURNAny matter may be taken up at any time during the meeting. Anyone wishing to attend the meeting that needs special accommodations please contact the Town Office prior to the meeting (970-887-2501). Items on the agenda are approximate and intended as a guide for the Town Board. Estimated Time is subject to change, as is the order of the agenda. For deadlines and information required to schedule an item on the agenda, please contact Deb Hess, Town Clerk, at 970-887-2501 ext. 201.

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