Public meeting agenda: Grand Lake Board of Trustees |

Public meeting agenda: Grand Lake Board of Trustees



Monday, March 9, 2009 2:30 – 5:00 P.M. – Town Hall

Statement of Purpose: Workshops are held in the afternoon prior to each regular Board of Trustees meeting. Workshops are conducted:

1. To insure that the Board members have adequate information and background to make informed decisions on various agenda items.

2. To provide the Trustees with a forum to frame emerging issues and to discuss potential alternatives to address these issues.

3. To learn about important events affecting the Town and to provide a chance for citizens to bring “for your information” items to the Trustees.

4. To make efficient and effective use of citizens’ time at Board meetings.



* 1.) Brad Taylor and Bob Freeman, Grand Lake Area Chamber of Commerce. (Page A5)


* 1.) John Deere Tractor. (Page A13)

* 2.) Items from Town Manager. (Page A15)

* 3.) Town vs. Mowatt. (Page A20)

* 4.) Grand County Transfer Station. (Page A32)

* 5.) Stormwater Filtration Professional Services. (Page A33)

6.) Meeting Updates.


# 1.) Consideration to set a Public Hearing for March 23, 2009 to consider Ordinance No. 12-2009, an Ordinance Granting a Franchise by the Town of Grand Lake to Mountain Parks Electric, Incorporated, its Approved Successors and Assigns the Right to Furnish, Sell and Distribute Electricity to the Town and to all Persons, Businesses, and Industry Within the Town and the Right to Acquire, Construct, Install, Locate, Maintain, Operate and Extend into, Within and Through Said Town, all Facilities Reasonably Necessary to Furnish, Sell and Distribute Electricity Within the Town and the Right to Make Reasonable Use of all Streets and Other Public Places and Public Easements as Herein Defined, as May be Necessary; and, the Right to Collect a Franchise Fee to be Paid to the Town and Fixing the Terms and Conditions Thereof. (Page E11)

# 2.) PUBLIC HEARING – Consideration of Ordinance No. 13-2009, an Ordinance Updating the 2006 Comprehensive Plan by Updating the Comprehensive Land Use Plan Map by Eliminating all of the Currently-Zoned Commercial Transitional Properties That Have not Already Been Considered for Rezoning, and to consider approval of a 2009 rezoning schedule that would create two separate rezoning procedures as outlined on the Town of Grand Lake Proposed Rezoning Schedule (2009) map, and to direct staff to set the Public Hearings for the remaining proposed rezonings. (Page E27)

# 3.) Consideration of Resolution No. 6-2009, a Resolution Superseding and Replacing Resolution No. 1-2004 and Adopting Revised Building Valuations for the Purpose of Determining the Building and Construction Use Tax and Resolution No. 7-2009, a Resolution Superseding and Replacing Resolution No. 5-2006 and Adopting the Formulas to be Used in Calculating Affordable Housing Fees. (Page E30)

# 4.) Consideration to authorize the Mayor to sign a contract between the Town of Grand Lake and the State of Colorado for EIAF#6490 – Grand Lake Stormwater Filtration. (Page E40)

# 5.) Consideration to authorize the Mayor to sign a Memorandum of Understanding with the Grand County Water Information Network (GCWIN). (Page E63)

# 6.) Consideration to authorize the Mayor to sign a proclamation proclaiming the week of March 8-14, 2009 as Girl Scout Week. (Page E70)


* 1.) Parking Policies Joint Workshop. (Page A34)

* 2.) Citizen responses regarding the Waste Disposal Ordinance. (Page A35)

* 3.) Sheriff’s Report. (Page A81)

* 4.) Notice of an online training course for Elected and Appointed Officials. (Page A82)

* 5.) Juniper Library Adult Programming schedule for March. (Page A84)

* 6.) 1st quarter news from Tourism Tribune. (Page A85)

* 7.) “Thank You” from Jim Feucht. (Page A89)

* 8.) Notice of Grand Lake named Tree City USA® by the Arbor Day Foundation. (Page A90)

* 9.) CDOT’s Newsletter. (Page A92)

* 10.) Information regarding SB108. (Page A96)

11.) Grand Lake Planning Commission will meet on March 18, 2009.

* indicates items attached to workshop agenda

# indicates items attached to evening agenda

@ indicates items to be provided at workshop meeting

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