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New housing and retail development coming to Winter Park

A look at the design of the purposed Arrow at Winter Park development. Courtesy Photo.

A new housing and retail development is coming to Winter Park next summer, featuring over 50 new units, 14 new retail spaces and a gathering space for visitors and residents alike to shop, dine and entertain.

Arrow at Winter Park will be located between Vasquez Creek and Miller Road in Winter Park, bordering the river and Highway 40. The new development will bring 35 new three and four room townhouses to the area, and 16 single bedroom lofts that will reside above the retail space.

“I think it’s going to be well received,” said Brian Novak, of Summit Legend and Arrow at Winter Park, Inc. “I think it’s needed to give visitors and owners in Winter Park some more opportunity to have more diverse things to eat and experience while they’re there.”

The developers already have preliminary approval to grade the site and recycle materials, as well as the required local and state permits to remove the old Shed Restaurant building, which is currently being demolished. Before construction and contracting with potential new owners can begin, Arrow at Winter Park will need final plat approval from the Winter Park Planning Commission and Town Council, which will be voted on in early October.

The proposed plans would offer attached garages and rooftop terraces for the townhouses, as well as access to the Vasquez Creek. The mountain contemporary development was designed by Justin Feider, an architect with Summit Legend, while Jason Ahlers and Brian Novak act as principles for Arrow at Winter Park.

Units will begin somewhere in the $500 thousand range, while creek front property will likely begin in the $700 thousand dollar range. Novak said they already have about 25 reservations for the 35 three and four room townhouses.

The retail space will bring in new shops, restaurants, cafes and more. Novak said there will be a gathering area at the property, not dissimilar to Cooper’s Square, where visitors can hang out, eat, drink and watch performances on a small stage.

“It would be an area where you can have weekend events, and people can have a couple cups of coffee out there, “ said Novak. “We’ll have a little entertainment stage so there could be some small two-person band performances and things like that there. It’s just an area to gather.”

Novak said they are also considering including a monument in the area, which would house a time capsule. The idea is they would determine a council to decide what goes in the capsule, and what is best representative of Winter Park and the area at the time.

Novak noted that they would likely include artifacts or pictures from the Town of Arrow, the first incorporated town in Grand County and the namesake for Arrow at Winter Park.

Novak also mentioned that they intend to build the new complexes as sustainable as possible, getting an energy star certification for the property.

Pending approval from the Town of Winter Park, Novak anticipates the first two townhome complexes, 18 units, to be occupied by next summer, followed by the third nine unit complex and the single bedroom lofts in the summer of 2019. Retail spaces will be phased in over 2018 and 2019.

“It’ll be fresh and new,” said Novak. “We’re hoping to have a diversity of shops here. Anything from a brewery, café, restaurants and retail similar to the old Arrow Town.”

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