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Q & A with County Manager Staab

Have you had the chance to meet much of the community thus far?

I have been able to attend several events including Constitution Day, two events in Winter Park, the council on aging, and the High School bike races at Granby Ranch. I have had the opportunity to understand, from a citizen perspective, the issues we face as a community in Grand County.

What challenges have you encountered?

Not knowing a single person in Grand County, I knew I had to learn what some of the local issues are. I felt confident coming into the position, but knew I still had a lot to learn. I spent a lot of time listening at the commissioner meetings and was able to learn a lot.

What are some of the most important issues you see in Grand County?

Providing adequate compensation for our government employees that work so hard for us. Protecting the environment and water rights also needs to be at the front of everyone’s mind; citizens should respect the fact that we are the stewards of the land here, and balance our recreation activities with the resources we have. I found out that until you live here, you don’t quite understand the challenges facing the community.

What have you enjoyed most thus far?

The opportunity to meet the citizens of Grand County. They have been warm and receptive of my wife and I and we are integrating ourselves into the community. We have also enjoyed the beautiful landscape. Grand County has all the beauty of Colorado without all the traffic many other areas have.

Are you getting along with the BOCC and other elected officials?

I am getting along great with the BOCC after five meetings now, and have enjoyed meeting every elected official in Grand County. I have tried to see the challenges facing each town through their perspectives and look at the challenges holistically.

Next big task

My most immediate concern is developing the 2017 budget. I’ve never been a person who looked at just a single year for finances. I like to look at both short term and long term—up to five or seven years in advance. When you do that you must have a grasp on all the potential expenditures and revenues in the county. You have to try and improve other people’s money coming into the county while not placing a burden on the taxpayers.

Final comments

Every day is a pleasure working with the people in Grand County. My door is always open to any citizen with questions, concerns, or ideas, and I will go anywhere in the county to speak with someone.

Do you ski?

Of course.

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