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Quickdraw Express at Ski Granby Ranch can open

Sky-Hi News Staff Report
Quickdraw Express at Ski Granby Ranch.
Lance Maggart / Sky-Hi News

The Colorado Passenger Tramway Safety Board met today, Monday, Jan. 9 to review additional information related to the Quickdraw Express lift incident at Ski Granby Ranch on Dec. 29.

“The Board authorized the ski area to reopen the lift at its discretion and subject to the terms and conditions of the attached Non-Disciplinary Interim Operation Agreement,” the statement read.

The board continues to investigate the incident.

Melissa Cipriani, CEO of Granby Ranch issued a response late Monday after the details were announced.

“Granby Ranch would again like to extend its condolences to the family of our guest who lost her life, and her family members who were injured in this tragic event.  Granby Ranch places the highest value on the safety of our guests and the safe operation of all lifts and equipment at the resort.  This is the first incident of its kind that the resort has experienced in 22 years of operation.  The Quick Draw Express has been operating safely at Granby Ranch over the 16 seasons since its installation.  Granby Ranch strictly adheres to all policies, procedures and regulations for safe lift operation.”

Additionally, she stated, “Prior to the start of this ski season, the Quick Draw Express lift was load-tested on December the 5th.  On December 8, 2016, the lift was inspected and licensed by the Tramway Board.  Granby Ranch began operation of the lift on December 16 with the start of the ski season.  Lift protocols for operation of the lift were determined by an outside engineering expert at the time of certification.  Granby Ranch has followed all prescribed protocols in operating the lift. There is no indication at this stage of the preliminary investigation that the original lift installation contributed to the incident.”

Link to the interim agreement: 2017-01-09 SGR Agreement

Kelly Huber of San Antonio died following a fall from the Quickdraw Express on Dec. 29.

The fall resulted in injuries for her two girls, whose names have not been released. The two girls were also riding on the Quickdraw with Huber at the time of the fall. The oldest daughter, age 12, was treated in the emergency department of Middle Park Medical Center – Granby and later released to family members. The nine-year-old was transported to Children’s Hospital in Aurora via helicopter.

This story has been updated to reflect a statement by Melissa Cipriani, CEO of Granby Ranch.

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