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Quickdraw Express lift at Granby Ranch remains closed on Friday

Sky-Hi News Staff Report

“Following a directive from the Colorado Passenger Tramway Safety Board, the Quickdraw Express lift has been temporarily shut down for additional testing,” stated Melissa Cipriani, CEO of Granby Ranch in a press release.

“This lift has been operating on diesel auxiliary power since the lift restarted operations on January 10, 2017.  Granby Ranch is working with the Tramway Board to complete the new tests and re-open the lift under diesel power as soon as possible.  Additionally, Granby Ranch has now scheduled installation of a new electric drive on the Quick Draw Express lift in the near future.”

Additionally, the release stated that the preliminary investigation  revealed that the issue that likely caused the incident was the independent contractor’s modification to the lift’s electrical drive/control system.

“In the interest of safety, Granby Ranch has retained the original manufacturer of the lift to return the Quick Draw Express Lift to safe operating condition under electrical power. The electric drive will be installed and tested under exacting conditions and will not be operational until inspected, licensed and authorized to operate by the Tramway Board.”

This story will continue to be updated.

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