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Racers weren’t the only ones who traveled far to ski at Winter Park

To the Editor:

I read your Thursday article about the limited skiing at Winter Park. You nailed it. I could not agree more.

I skied over T-giving and while (understandably so) there was limited terrain open and what was open the ski racers got half of lower Hughs to themselves.

I “discussed” it with a ski school race coach on a lift ride up and he said that each one of the races waiting for their “window” to practice represents about $2,000 to the ski area and Winter Park.

If this is true (while still frustrating) they do mean a lot more money to Winter Park than me. I saw a lot of ski racer folks from other parts of the country. They came a long way to “race” on lower Hughs.

What I did not see was ANY snow making going on. I was amazed. Upper Hughs, nothing. Maybe over at Cranmer area, but nothing within ear-shot of Zephyr.

All that said, I ditched Winter Park the rest of the T-giving weekend, canceled our hotel and moved the family over to Keystone and had a blast. Bye-bye, WP.

Maybe you should dive a bit deeper and ask a few pointed questions, for there were others who traveled a great distance to ski, not just the racers.

Good article, keep it up.

Jeff Delazaro


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