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Rally for One seeks harmony with audiences

Autumn PhillipsSky-Hi Daily NewsGrand County, Colorado

Brett Maline was standing in the front row of a Nickel Creek concert when he had an epiphany. He looked to his left and saw a woman in her 60s, smiling and enjoying the music. He looked to his right and saw two high school students just as lost in the song.It struck me, Maline said. I realized that’s the kind of music I want to write.When he shared his vision with the fellow members of his band, Rally for One, they were all on board. Luckily, we’ve been able to do that, he said. We have people my parents’ age coming to our shows and we’ve played all age venues and had lots of high school kids who come and listen.Vocal harmonies are key to the band’s universal appeal.A lot of that’s been lost in music, Maline said. Look back at The Beatles, the Beach Boys, the Supremes, the Four Seasons. Those are the songs that still play on the radio today.The band plays a song by the Jackson 5 that taps into what makes a universal song. People just love it, Maline said. Sometimes people won’t even be listening to us and we start playing that song and everyone gets into it.Those are the songs that people remember. Harmonies are a very big part of it.Another key to universal appeal is singing as if you’re reaching out to the audience.We don’t scream at you. You can hear and understand what we’re saying, Maline said. We want to connect with you on a personal level.Rally for One will play two shows in Grand County this weekend Winter Park Pub on Friday night and Pancho and Lefty’s in Grand Lake on Saturday.Maline is especially excited about the Grand Lake show. His grandfather owned a cabin on Columbine Lake and it was a family tradition to spend weeks each summer in the area. His uncle still owns a cabin outside of Grand Lake and has performed in town with the band Snotdogs. My sister got married in Grand Lake and the night before we were at the Lariat, he said. Oly was playing and after his show Maline approached the local musician.Next thing we know, we’re playing with him in Winter Park.Rally for One performed at the Winter Park Pub with Oly in February. This weekend will be the band’s second show in the area. Oly will join them again Friday night.