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Randy Baumgardner: Candidate defends legislative record

To the Editor:It has come to my attention that information that is untrue has been circulating throughout Northwestern Colorado.A flier has been distributed that seems to be anonymous, as it is not signed. In it the author claims that I voted in favor of the so called “Faster Bill,” which raised vehicle registrations and late “fees.” The bill number is SB9-108. SB stands for Senate Bill. The 9 is the year it was introduced and 108 is the bill number.If the author of this false information would go to http://www.leg.state.co.us, click on Prior Sessions and then click on2009a House & Senate Bills, they could use the pull down menu and find the bill number. Then they could go to the column for 3rd Reading Votes and click on H 2/25/2009.If they would scroll down through the Journal to page 552 to the section that contains the final vote AFTER the amendments, they would see the actual final vote on this bill. There were 34 yes votes and 31 no votes. I was one of the NO votes.I have only voted for one tax or “fee” increase since I was elected to the House of Representatives. SB11-002, co- sponsored by Sen. Al White, was a $1 fee added to the vehicle registration to help fund emergency medical response in rural areas, including Northwestern Colorado.This erroneous flier also claims that I voted NO on HB11-1278, the bill to strengthen the sex offender registry. Once again the author could easily look up the recorded vote on page 931 of with 63 of my colleagues.I know that politics is not always a pretty business and I would say that normally, I am fairly thick-skinned when people misrepresent me. As I have related to many of you over the last four years, the record does not lie.Whoever is spreading these and other bits of malicious information about me, my family and my record is showing a definite disregard for the truth and a sort of desperation.Please feel free to call me, because I am still your Representative and I would like to set the record straight.Randy BaumgardnerColorado state representativeDistrict 57970-509-9187303-866-2949