Rebuttals, next steps for the GC budget |

Rebuttals, next steps for the GC budget

The Grand County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) held County budget rebuttal hearings on November 1 at their regular meeting. Economic Development Coordinator DiAnn Butler presented a rebuttal for the Economic Development Department concerning a reduction in the Grand Enterprise Initiative budget. Butler said the department is requesting $45,000 instead of $37,500 (an increase of $7,500).

Enterprise Facilitator for the Grand Enterprise Initiative Patrick Brower said the annual budget for the Grand Enterprise Initiative is $75,000. Brower said $63,500 goes to salary, and the rest goes to cover expenses including travel, food, and some administrative expenses. Brower said they made some cuts in salary increases in the past few years and were able to cut their budget back by about $10,000.

Butler said the Economic Development Department has already made cuts in other places, as many departments were asked to do by the BOCC.

“I think, in general, with the commitment we have made to economic development, and now that we’ve established programs that are working, economic development is a long-term game and we have to play for the long term,” Butler said. “My concern is that, we are the lead on this, as a county, and you can tell that by how much we have contributed. I feel that with the success we are seeing with the program, it would be in jeopardy if we didn’t keep supporting it, especially now that we have been able to cut costs other places.”

Commissioner Tollett agreed saying that economic development is “is bringing money into the county that would not be there otherwise.”

Commissioner Linke agreed with Tollett.

Tollett said the Economic Development department had already made cuts of over 40 percent, which was above and beyond what the BOCC asked for, and that is partially why she supported the request.

Commissioners Linke and Tollett supported changing the budget to $45,000, while Commissioner Manguso said she felt the budget should be kept at $37,500.

The next steps for the Grand County Budget

Nov. 15

BOCC to make its final determination on the budget.

BOCC to approve the budget message.

BOCC to direct Finance Department to prepare and file the County’s budget documents with the State of Colorado

The documents will be posted to the County website at that time. This is an opportunity for everyone in Grand County to view the final budget for 2017.

Dec. 6

BOCC to approve and sign resolutions for the 2017 final budget and any potential 2016 Budget Supplemental

Jan. 31, 2017

2017 Budget Report due to State of Colorado (DOLA).

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