Regarding impeachment … |

Regarding impeachment …

Eric Collier

The Democrats don’t seem to have the moxie to consider it, but I have a few alternative suggestions. Maybe we could arrange to send Little Prince George and Deadeye Dick out hunting together. Or if that’s a bit too baroque, we could just send George to the ranch to clear brush. We’ll send him regular reports, saying stuff like, “Yeah, everything’s fine, Mr. President … Yes, Al Qaeda surrendered this morning …”

I also have a suggestion for Republicans for how to finance their beloved war if the Dems ever do have the effrontery to cut off funding for it. They could hold a series of fund-raisers – one thing they’re really good at. Say, $250,000-a-plate dinners, with speeches by Karl and Scooter.

That’s lunch money to thousands of Republican high-rollers who feed off the bonanza in Iraq, yield none of their sons to it, and reap big tax cuts. This would leave working-class Republicans out in the cold, as most things do. But for lesser donations they could eat left-overs in the kitchen; or take them home in sucker-bags. Whaddya think?

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