Regarding the Flintstone Gravel Pit |

Regarding the Flintstone Gravel Pit

I am responding to the letter from George Stein and concerned citizens regarding the Flintstone Gravel Pit.

It appears to me the information you received concerning the proposal of a subdivision for the site recently known as the Flintstone Gravel Pit is partially correct.

The Town of Granby has received, from Reclamation Ridge LLC, an application for annexation of approximately 127 acres of ground which includes the current gravel operation, Tracts 5, 6 and the North _ of Tract 11 of the Great Divide Head Lettuce Colony, the current Thompson Construction site as well as roughly 21 acres of land to the south and east of the current gravel operation.

In addition, the owners of the property, Reclamation Ridge LLC, have requested a conditional use permit to continue to operate the gravel operation with the same basic conditions as Grand County imposed for the special use permit for the same operation. The differences are related to the adjacent property to the east.

The town did receive from Grand County all of the supporting research and other documentation of environmental considerations as well as ground water concerns. The concrete batch plant and any potential spill sites are located in the current gravel mining area. The land owner or any successor is required, in their State of Colorado mining permit, to assess any and all potentially hazardous areas and take the appropriate action upon discontinuation of the mining operation. The State has also required a restoration bond to insure these actions take place.

I am supposing the community to which you refer is the proposed subdivision on the 21 acres of land owned by Reclamation Ridge LLC, which is to the south and east of the gravel operation. This parcel of property is only accessible from Garnet Avenue. It is separated from the gravel operation by a 25 to 30 foot deep canyon and wetlands area along the north and east borders contingent with the gravel operation. This parcel of property is immediately adjacent to East Grand Middle School.

No development plans, other than the current operation for the gravel mining area have been submitted to the Town, nor has the developer indicated any intention of changing the use of the mining operation. As mentioned above, the Town does enjoy the benefit of having the information generated by Grand County when the county special use permit was granted and reviewed.

Don W. Baird

Town Manager


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