Remembering Jack Mulqueen |

Remembering Jack Mulqueen

To the Editor:Grand County has lost a great man. Things I remember about Jack Mulqueen (I met him in 1980, so my point of reference begins there) with much love and heartfelt condolences.The Mountain Beanery in Granby I was 19 yrs. old in 1980 making $100 a shift as a waitress. A testament to an incredibly well run restaurant with unbelievable food, cleanliness, and an efficient staff. Eat here and get gas.My parents always said I never really learned how to work until I worked for Jack & Delores Mulqueen.His penchant for wanting all the food out of that restaurant kitchen window “now.”The patch no one ever forgot meeting Jack.His kindness Example: He must have hired me at least 7 or 8 different times over the years.The time his son Brad and I were bringing home a new car for Jack to look at from Glenwood Spgs. I was following Brad over Gore Pass in his Landcruiser Brad started to fishtail and rather than hit the back of the brand new car Jack had not even seen, I decided to drive off the mountain. Almost rolled it the snow stopped me. Jack & Delores took us out to dinner in Kremmling, once the Landcruiser was winched out.Watching him draw out the business plan on paper napkins, at the kitchen table for The Little River Trash Company, named so because of the excessive damming of The Colorado River.Never ending compassion for his help, his community, his friends, and his family.The County Seat Restaurant in Hot Sulphur Springs folks drove miles to eat there. Was there ever a time a Mulqueen was not on the clock?His green chili, Italian Sausage and the B & B Supreme.The Game & Fish Department does not allow us to poach eggs. (inside joke)His hands.His laugh.His love for Hot Sulphur Springs & Grand County.His ability to tell a good story a GREAT story.In years past, the always burning (somewhere on a shelf or a sinks edge) Pall Mall Cigarette.His love for Delores and his children, Keri, Jill, Brad & Mark. His love for his grandkids. And his dogs.His ability to take a dream and make it into reality.Dance as though no one is watching you,Love as though you have never loved before,Sing as though no one can hear you,Live as though heaven is on earth. An Irish BlessingJan Marie SmithSalida