Rename it the Not Affordable Care Act |

Rename it the Not Affordable Care Act

To the Editor:

The Affordable Care Act, aka ObamaCare, at its core is a wealth redistribution scheme that is destined to fail for it ignores basic business economics. ObamaCare not only promised health care for all, but it promised access to health care at costs lower than had previously prevailed in the actual marketplace. Any legislation that promises improved benefits with costs below market pricing is by definition a very expensive lie. The lesson here is how to manage expectations. Good customer service is delivered by under-promising and over-delivering. ObamaCare does the exact opposite, and Congress failed when they approved it before they read it. Obama’s disdain for the private sector and lack of program accountabilities has now come back to haunt him, and could possibly destroy his presidency. Social engineering ideology trumping basic economics is a sad lesson on how to break the bank. So how are we to judge this legislation? The hard truth is that it is all about results.

Maybe it should be renamed the Not Affordable Care Act.

Wayne Balnicki


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