Rep. Polis put on a good show in Granby |

Rep. Polis put on a good show in Granby

To the Editor:BRAVO! I am writing to share with the entire community the wonderful event of Tuesday, Sept. 1, at the Granby Public Library Community Room. The Grand County Democrats sponsored a Pot Luck Dinner and a Town Hall Style Meeting with Jared Polis, our U.S. representative. Of course, the topic of discussion was Health Care Reform, and the discussion was pretty much peaceful and informative with an overall atmosphere of reasonable, thoughtful exchange of ideas. It was terriffic.Jared was stellar in his ready knowledge of a multitude of details and the clear presentation of them. Two Polis staffers were on hand, and all those who still had questions after nearly two hours of dialog were given a card to write the question, and their contact information. It was promised that all questions would be answered.There was a contingency of folks with serious concerns about health care reform and some seemed to be flat-out against it. Their questions were enlightening, to say the least. I was distressed with the two men who posed their questions with pointed index fingers, gesturing toward our speaker, poking at the air in his direction in an offensive manner while asking their questions. The body language was striking and one would have to wonder if these fellows realize just how they looked.Rep. Polis replied with grace & verbalized understanding that these men were likely not in favor of health care reform and/or the public option. I for one, am very pleased and proud to have our U.S. representative represent us, his contingency, with such knowledge, intellect, common sense, committment and genuine dedication. Kudos to Polis.Acknowledgement also to two special folks in the crowd of 75: first, the retired cardiologist whose experiental comments were most enlightening and prompted a round of applause, and second, to the lady with the sign who had read the entire 1,000 page bil l… amazing. I am inspired.Thanks to the Grand County Democrats who arranged for this super program: Clint Roberts, Chair, Jane Mather & Gail Brooks, Vice Chairs, John Dolan, Secretary, and Kathy Knight, Secretary.Maureen Kaskel WengerHot Sulphur Springs