Report: Granby woman survives outdoors for five days after car crash |

Report: Granby woman survives outdoors for five days after car crash

According to a story on, the Web site for Fox News 31 KDVR Denver, Cynthia Blair-Hoover of Granby survived outside alone for more than five days after a car accident left her with a broken back, 11 broken ribs and a punctured lung.

The story says Blair-Hoover’s car rolled down the side of a mountain near Central City on Thursday night, Sept. 10, after she swerved to avoid hitting a deer. The accident happened just about 2 miles south of the gambling towns on the Central City Parkway.

The text of the story continues:

“Blair-Hoover was heading to Denver when her car went flying off a cliff, coming to rest on an old mine shaft. The crash left her unconscious with 11 broken ribs, several broken vertebrate and a punctured lung.

“Because she couldn’t walk, Hoover had to slide on her back-side – inch-by-inch downhill toward an old gold mine.

“For five and a half days and nights, Hoover sucked moisture off her hair and did her best to stay warm through rain, hail and even snow at the 8,000 foot mark in the mountains. By the following Tuesday, she was able to hear voices coming from the mine, where they were conducting tours. When the voices stopped, she would yell for help and after several minutes, one of the men heard her cries for help.

” ‘I couldn’t believe she was able to survive,’ said Fire Chief Gary Allen. ‘We have mountain lions, bears and other critters up here. It is a miracle she wasn’t mauled to death.'”

“Hoover’s son, Ronnie Daniel, said no one missed her during the five days she was missing, as no one really knew she was lost.

” ‘She often stays away and travels so it wasn’t like anything was wrong. But when her job called, we knew something wasn’t right, but we had no starting place to look for her.'”

” ‘We couldn’t see the car from the road, and because no one was at the mine for a few days, it was like she may as well be on the moon,'” said Allen.

“Central City Fire and Police responded to 911 calls and Flight for Life was called in to chopper her to St. Anthony’s Central hospital in Denver. Currently Hoover is in ICU recovering from her ordeal.”