Republicans not at fault for all our wars |

Republicans not at fault for all our wars

To the Editor:

I read with interest the letter published May 15 from Cindy Kleh. She must be a young person to whom history is not of interest.

Not every war this country has been involved in was instigated by a Republican. The biggest and very long war was started when Democrat F.D. Roosevelt was our president. There again it happened after we’d been attacked, as the Iraq war was.

What should the country do when we are attacked, as on Sept. 11?

If we didn’t respond, we would open the door for more of that. World War II lost very many lives. If we’d have lost that war, your life may very well have been different and certainly you would have less freedom to be able to write your letter of discontent.

Greedy Republicans? I do not know where that has come from. If businesses didn’t exist here, many people would be jobless. Do you think there are no wealthy Democrats? And those are in businesses of all sizes.

Whatever your political side, people try to advance, earn and be better off financially than they had been. In the past year, it has been found that the richest people in Congress are Democrats, such as Ted Kennedy and John Kerry. Look it up.

Had those in our past not fought for each and every American, we may all have had much harder and poorer lives. I’ve lost family in wars and their lives had been dedicated to this country.

War mongers? I don’t think so.

Jean Holly