Response to Jessica Rose’s letter, "Grand County needs a puffing law |

Response to Jessica Rose’s letter, "Grand County needs a puffing law

To the Editor:

I am responding to Jessica Rose’s letter, “Grand County needs a puffing law.”

With all due respect, I think she missed the point. To say that Denver has the law, therefore Grand County should, is ridiculous. With the exception of natives, I am sure that most people living in Grand County moved to escape places like Denver.

With regards to “puffing” in your driveway, how many people want the government poking around in what they do on their PRIVATE property? A thief would have to trespass first before even attempting to steal the vehicle. It appears she is saying that since we cannot stop the thief at the trespass, then we should impose a penalty on the innocent property owner. That is not the answer.

What needs to happen is encouraging effective neighborhood watch programs. Law enforcement cannot be everywhere; we need to do our part too. As a 911 dispatcher, one particular call sticks out.

A woman called at daybreak to report two individuals sleeping in their truck. One appeared to be slumped over and she was concerned for their welfare. Police responded to investigate and came to find out the truck was stolen and the suspects were planning to steal a trailer that day. It takes citizen actions to help law enforcement keep communities safe. Officers and deputies cannot be everywhere all the time. The easy solution is to pass a “puffing” law and penalized innocent law abiding citizens.

“Puffing” in public is a whole different issue. People think they are saving gas or their vehicle’s life. What they are in fact doing is driving up fuel costs by wasting fuel. Not to mention the unnecessary greenhouse gases they are sending into the environment. It may not see like much when you think of it as just going to the post office. But when you do it everyday for most of your life, it adds up.

Grand County is a “grand” county and I hope it stays that way. Big city laws are not for small town folks. My family will be moving to Grand County soon for many reasons and we are excited. The bottom line is this: I do not believe that innocent people should be prosecuted because it’s easier than catching the thief.

Todd Osborne

Idaho Springs

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