Richard Kohler: Column misrepresented GOP stance on unemployment |

Richard Kohler: Column misrepresented GOP stance on unemployment

To the Editor:

Ms. Muftic’s column ‘Republicans: The Party Who Does Not Care’ (July 28) contains her usual number of incorrect statements and half-truths regarding the Republican Party. I doubt Ms. Muftic could really believe this much misinformation, so I can only assume she intentionally does this to endear herself with other left wing ideologues.

It would require a long letter to address the many errors included in her column, so I will just take the easy one – the headline. Despite Ms. Muftic’s contention to the contrary, the Republicans WERE in full support of extending unemployment benefits, but asked the Democrats to compromise by actually paying for those benefits out of the approved budget, instead of just borrowing additional funds and adding to the national debt. This seems to be a reasonable request, but the Democrats refused, even though unspent TARP money was still available for use.

Then the Republicans offered to support the bill if the Democrats would use budgeted dollars to just pay for HALF of the cost of the bill. Again, the Democrats refused. Then the Republicans rightly refused to sign up for this obvious fiscal irresponsibility.

This bill had nothing to do with “not caring about the unemployed,” as Ms. Muftic would have the reader believe, but instead was all about fiscal responsibility or the lack of it, in terms of how to pay for the cost of this legislation.

Richard Kohler

Winter Park