Robert J. Mcvay: HSS recall based on ‘innuendo, unfounded charges’ |

Robert J. Mcvay: HSS recall based on ‘innuendo, unfounded charges’

To the Editor:

I am a citizen of Hot Sulphur Springs and a member of the board of trustee for the town. I wish to address the question of recall of the mayor.

We have a fine mayor in Hershal Deputy, and it has been an honor to serve with him on the town board. Many people don’t understand that the board and mayor are unpaid positions that require a deep commitment of time and a real wish to improve the town for all its citizens.

It is sad that, based on innuendo and unfounded charges, a small group can force the town to undergo such a divisive, polarizing and expensive election.

I have been present at board meetings when citizens have verbally abused the town employees and the board. I accept the fact that not everyone will be happy with all the actions taken by the board, but the lack of civil discourse and disruptive actions of just a very few can cause unnecessary strife in a meeting, and when called upon to conduct themselves in an orderly manner, they take it as a personal affront.

Mayor Deputy cares deeply about this town and has worked tirelessly to improve it. With his leadership we have taken charge of some very difficult situations and solved them for the betterment of all concerned within tight budget constraints.

It is time for the thinking majority to speak with a loud united voice. Vote to keep our Mayor Hershal Deputy. Keep our town moving forward.

Robert J. (Bob) Mcvay

Hot Sulphur Springs