Rocky plans to collar 40 moose for research |

Rocky plans to collar 40 moose for research

Sky-Hi News staff report
Rocky Mountain National Park will be collaring 40 moose for part of a research project. Moose have not previously been collared in the park.
Courtesy of Rocky Mountain National Park

Realizing the presence of moose has been steadily increasing throughout the park, officials at Rocky Mountain National Park began a research project in 2017 to better understand how the animals are using the habitat.

Park officials have seen the number of moose increasing on both the east and west sides of the park, and recent reports show the animals have been observed in every major drainage in the park.

As part of this research project, park staff are now looking to collar up to 40 moose throughout Rocky after moose have not been previously GPS collared in the park.

Also, beginning Monday and continuing through this week, the park will be performing aerial surveys of moose and elk with early morning flights in a variety of locations.

While the aerial surveys are designed to collect information about the park’s moose, it will also produce an opportunity to check in on the park’s elk population size and composition on the summer range as well.

Overall, researchers hope to gather information about the moose population size, population growth rate and carrying capacity, as well as habitat use, and the newly collared moose should help them get it.

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