Rollins Pass petition online |

Rollins Pass petition online

A petition is circulating to reopen Moffat Road and Needles Eye Tunnel over Rollins Pass. Rollins Pass was closed in 1990 due to a rockslide in the tunnel, and attempts have been made to reopen it, but none successful.

The petition cites a bill passed on August 21, 2002 called the James Peak Wilderness and Protection Area Bill (Public Law 107-216).

“If requested by one or more of the Colorado Counties of Grand, Gilpin, and Boulder, the Secretary shall provide technical assistance and otherwise cooperate with respect to repairing the Rollins Pass road in those counties sufficiently to allow two-wheel-drive vehicles to travel between Colorado State Highway 119 and U.S. Highway 40.”

As of press time, 636 people have signed the petition. 100,000 signatures are needed by July 10 to get a response from the White House. To sign the petition visit

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