Routt National Forest announces road and trail closures |

Routt National Forest announces road and trail closures

Dead trees are falling, so please “look up, look down, look around” and stay out harm’s way.

Many roads and trails on the Routt National Forest will be temporarily closed this summer as crews remove beetle-killed trees to provide for greater public safety. Below is an update on road and trail status regarding hazard tree removal. For other outdoor recreation information, please visit the website at http:/

In the Steamboat Springs area, please call the Hazard Tree Hotline 970-870-2140 for the latest information throughout the summer. It will be updated as changes occur. For information about the Yampa area, call 970-638-4516; in the Walden area, call 970-723-2700.

Hazard tree removal projects on the Hahns Peak/Bears Ears Ranger District, road and trail closures as of June 28:

Trail Closures

General: Portions of Manzanares Trail 1204 and Farwell Trail 1203 in Big Red Park area.

Details: Manzanares Trail 1204 from Manzanares Trailhead located off FS Road 505 to junction with Farwell Trail 1203, June 28 through July 2. Farwell Trail 1203 closed from junction to FS Road 500, July 6 through mid July. These trails will be open on weekends until further notice.

Road and Associated Trail Closures

General: FS Road 443 including North Lake, Burn Ridge, and Three Island Lake Trailheads. Trail 1163.1a and portions of 1163, 1100, and 1164 – all closed until Oct. 30 including weekends.

Details: FS Road 443 off the Seedhouse Road 400 ends at the North Lake Trailhead. FS Road 443 provides access to the Burn Ridge Trailhead and the Mt Zirkel Wilderness Area from the Three Island Lake and North Lake Trailheads. These access points will closed for the summer.

Hikers on the Continental Divide Trail 1101 will need to access services in the Clark or Seedhouse areas using the Gold Creek Trail 1150 to the Slavonia Trailhead.

Three Island Cutover Trail 1163.1a, Three Island Lake Trail 1163, Trail 100 to South Fork Trail 1100.3a and Trail 1164 to North Lake will also be closed for the summer.

There will be more closures as the summer progresses.

Trailheads and associated trails may open is work progresses.

Please respect the closure signs. The Forest Service will provide detours and keep loops and trails open as much as possible.

Please call the hotline, 970-870-2140, for updates about the Routt National Forest in the Steamboat Springs area.

On the Yampa Ranger District, FSR 906, just past the Yamcolo Reservoir spillway is temporarily closed due to a slump. FSR 906 goes to the lower Sand Creek Trailhead, so people will not be able to drive to the trailhead until road repairs are complete.

The Lynx Campground, off of Highway 131, will be closed for the summer for hazard tree removal. Please call 638-4516 for more information.

For the Parks Ranger District (Walden area) the table below shows roads/trail status for the next several weeks. Please call 723-2700 for more information.