Say NO to another West Grand tax override |

Say NO to another West Grand tax override

Because voters soundly defeated a tax override in 2009 (498 to 272), I believe all West Grand taxpayers should do the same thing again just one year later. Here are only a few reasons why:

Middle Park Times (MPT) dated July 8, 2010: Heading reads: “W. Grand avoids big cuts in budget” and then it states, “The board also paid off some long-term debts this year, reducing the payments it will have to make next year.” Taxpayers would like to reduce their payments too.

Same article: “In a difficult financial year for schools across the state, West Grand fared better than most thanks, in part, to the fact that it receives very little state aid.” Don’t you think it’s “a difficult financial year” for taxpayers too?

Same article: “We are in pretty good shape, but we decided to start the cuts this year.” Wish all the taxpayers were in “pretty good shape.”

Same article: “A small boon for the district came from the public lands fund, which paid the district about $100,000 this year to make up for property taxes potentially lost by the large percentage of public lands in the county.” Notice the word “potentially.” Not even lost yet.

MPT dated Oct. 7, 2010: “If approved, the new tax would never expire. The $420,000 override would join an existing $550,000 override that also doesn’t expire, bringing the district close to the maximum amount it is allowed to collect from additional property taxes.”

Wow. We, the taxpayers, are being maxed out when from the above statements it is very clear that this district really doesn’t need this additional money from us to begin with.

The East Grand School District had to cut $1 million from their budget. The West Grand budget is currently cut by $150,000 simply by three teachers being “attritioned.” I say when West Grand cuts $1 million, then maybe we can begin to consider being maxed out. But until then, until its belt tightening actually starts to reach their maximum, then I’ll continue to vote no and encourage everyone else to do the same.

Ann Marie Damian


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