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Scary story contest winners

Grand County, CO Colorado

The Juniper Library in Grand Lake Scary Story Contest Winners ( 4 First Place Stories)

First Place Kindergarten: “Spider Soup” by Mya Campbell (Juniper Library)

There is a little girl, going to a scary house. She found bad spiders, witches, and a black beast. The black beast turned her into a spider. And the witches made here into soup.

The End

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First Place Second Grade: “Witch’s On The Go” by Madison Mullinex (Juniper Library)

It was October 31, 2012 everybody was dressed in costumes. There was this witch who was in the scaryest costume of all. She lived in a apartment. She lived in room 306. It finally was Halloween night the witch got ready for trick-or-treating. First she went to room 301 she said trick or treat suddenly the lights went out she saw twins walking beside her they had orange hair and there eyes popped out blood was dripping down there face. Suddenley the door opened in room 301 I said trick or treat and nobody answered so I walked inside and I saw a shadow and by the shadow was a necklace with a devil eye. She heard a little voice Boooo said the voice. She screamed! And ran outside. The twins had knives in there hands. There came another witch and she had a big puffy nose. The two witch’s were friends. The two witch’s went home. The End!!

First Place Third Grade: “The Three Doors of Doom” by Jena King (Juniper Library)

Once upon a time thare was a girl named Mistey and a boy named Taylor. They were two friends. They were trick or treating and they went to one house. A old women said “come in, come I children” in a creepey witch voice. They walked in lisining to children screeming bludy murder scream. Every step they took that was all they could hear. It got closer and closer and closer then it stoped! There was no whare to go but there were three doors. They were all bloody red. Mistey said “wich one should we go in first?” Taylor said “The middle one.” They walked tord it and Taylor turned the door knob. Not takeing on blink 2 knifes flew out and hit them both. A cople hours later they woke up. They were wounded badly but, they were still alive! They stood up slowly in pain. Taylor said “we need to get out of here!” They walked to the doors hundreds of feet away. They each polled on the two doors. There locked, said Mistey. (we shoud go back?) said Taylor. (no way) said Mistey. That red door had two knives in it and they could hav killed us! (come on Mistey) said taylor. (OK fine!) said Mistey. They walked back to the three doors. Taylor said mabey one has a way out. Maby but, I don’t want to go through one agen. When knows what can be in ether of them, said Mistey (well who cares you can choes this time Mistey, said Taylor, OK, said Mistey, How about the right one. They walked to the door but befor they could get there a mountain jumped out of the know whare and they tried to fight it but it was to quick for them. Taylor punched him and punched him in the noes. Then the mountain lion jumped over Taylor trying to get to Mistey. Taylor ran as fast as he could to get to Mistey but it was to late she was gone. Taylor looked at the mountain lion and fell backward. To be continued….

Fifth Grade First Place: “Where Am I?” by Sarah Hough

One cold early morning my parents picked me up from school and said were going on a vacation, and I knew it wasn’t a good vacation because my mom picked out the house. My mom loves old stuff, and the house is like 100 years old, so my mom’s completely in love with it. Once we got there my dad had a big fit because there was dust everywhere and my dad has allergies. While my mom and dad were arguing I went to look around. There were paintings of people in really fancy outfits. They looked like they were from the 1700’s or something. Suddenly, I heard a loud crash and turned around as fast as I could. “AAAAhhhh!” I screamed as loud as I could. My parents got there in a heart-beat. They were calling my name repeatedly. I tried to speak, but I couldn’t. They searched and searched, and I was wondering why they can’t see me. I looked around me and wondered where I was. Where am I? I thought. I looked down to see if I could at least see myself, I couldn’t. For hours my parents looked for me, and no one ever found me and neither did I.

Grand County Library District Winners of the 2012 Zombie Tales Contest- 6th- 8th Grades

(7 Stories)

First Place 8th Grade: “Le Zombie” by Sydney Almgren (Kremmling Library)

“Right zis way, and do not touch zee bones, please.” The French guide’s nauseating sweet voice droned on, cautioning my class to not touch the ancient, withered bones. Everyone thought the field trip to the French catacombs would be totally sick. Well, sick, yeah, but not in the cool way. The guide kept on with her dry, useless facts. No one was listening, but despite the guide’s warnings, everyone prodded the bones. It felt like we were awakening the dead.

“Hey, Jack, lets ditch this group and do our own exploring, hmm?” said my friend, Phil, with a sharp jab in the shoulder.

“Shut up dude, we haven’t been walking that long.” I told him over my shoulder.

“That wasn’t me, man.” Phil replied, with a shudder in voice. That wasn’t like him; he was the lineman on the football team. I hurriedly glanced around the cramped crypt. Nothing looked out of place.

“Maybe we should leave.” I suggested. But the low moan came again, and again I surveyed the crypt. Nothing.

“Yeah, let’s go right now.” Phil said, turning on his heel to leave. But there, standing in the archway, an emaciated, pale gray corpse obstructed our way. I instinctively took a step back. What is it? I thought. The eyes were milky and filmed over, as though no thought has crossed its mind in ages. Clumps of hair were barely hung on to the scalp. It stretched a hand towards me, the nails yellowed and cracked. The monster took in a raspy breath through its mouth and began to shamble toward Philip and me. We backed into the opposite wall of the crypt. We were trapped. Panicked, Phil lashed out at the monster. He struck him square on the arm, and to our surprise, whacked it off. The zombie let out a high pitched squeal. Hands began to pop out of the rotten linens, and more zombies came from the walls, teeth barred. Phil ducked and ran between his legs, and I followed. Foul, fetid fingers grazed us and drew blood. We toppled on top of one another, but we were out of the crypt. Sprinting, taking left and rights, we miraculously made it to the class.

“Zombies! Right behind us! We need to run!” I shrieked.

The class erupted into laughter, even the French tour guide. Phil and I ran to the door. But it was too late. Before Phil and I could make it to the exit, we heard the fatal screams of pure terror behind us. It was too late. We couldn’t do anything now. Fin

First Place Seventh Grade: “Thriller” by Sydney Ritschard (Kremmling Library)

Taylor couldn’t wait! Tomorrow was Halloween and she was going to go trick or treating. She was especially excited because this year Courtney, Caitlin, and she were going to go to the town cemetery. Only the bravest trick or treaters go there. Legend has it if you make it through the spooky grave, you would find a whole stash of candy, and it would be all yours! Courtney, Caitlin, and Taylor would meet at seven thirty to the entrance of the cemetery. Taylor went to bed with dreams full of candy.

It was seven fifteen Halloween day and Taylor was at the entrance to the cemetery, ready and raring to go. Courtney and Caitlin showed up ten minutes later. They all held hands and entered the cemetery. The cemetery was so foggy you couldn’t see, and scary noises were coming from everywhere. The flashlight they had was not much help. Taylor held out her hand to see where she was going, everything she touched was slimy and full of bugs. Caitlin was the first one to shriek when a mouse, or what they thought was a mouse, ran over her foot. She got too scared and ran back.

It was just Courtney and Taylor left, when all of a sudden zombies rose up from the graves walking toward them. They both screamed but couldn’t move because they were surrounded. Their sickly green skin was peeling off. They were all drooling and moaning, probably thinking about brains. Hair was in random tufts on their head. Their tattered clothes that looked like rags hung loosely on their bodies. The only part of their body that looked alive strangely was their eyes. Taylor could feel them all looking at her and Courtney, even though she had her eyes closed and didn’t want to look at them. When Taylor was sure the zombies were going to grab them and eat them, out of nowhere someone or something started playing Thriller by Michael Jackson. The zombies slowly started doing the dance. Their arms, legs, hands, and feet were falling off from moving crazily. It seemed like they were trying to sing, but it just came out in moans. Taylor and Courtney didn’t know whether to laugh because how ridiculous it looked, puke because how gross everything was, or scream because how scary. The song ended and the zombies slowly retreated back into the ground. One of them even waved at Taylor with his hand he still had. Taylor and Courtney laughed, stepped carefully though the graves to the entrance and back to Caitlin. They were so busy laughing about what happened, they completely forgot about the candy. They spent the rest of their night trick or treating and telling people their story, but not one single person believed them.

Second Place Seventh Grade: “Red Call” by Emmaline Hafford (Fraser Valley Library)

Tina and Jack were good friends working at KOLNO inc.. A giant skyscraper in downtown Chicago, IL. They both worked on story 8 of the building, the building had 100 stories. It was a normal day at the office, when it was announced that the desk clerk was killed 10 minutes ago. Tina and Jack went to the scene in the lobby, “Oh my gosh,” Tina cried, they looked on, dumbfounded by what they saw, the desk clerk lay there on the ground, his brains scooped out, eyes open, tongue hanging out. Was he still alive? Tina checked his pulse, Dead. The cops had not come yet. Security was there, luckily. Then they saw it, the zombies, hundreads of them, surrounding the building, breaking the glass, coming in, “Run!” Jack said, “This way,” Jack screamed, ” up the stairs, hurry!” They ran up the stairs, passed the door labeled 10 for story 10…11…12…13…14…15. They finally reached story 20. Everyone was at their office, busy with work. “What if the zombies know how to use the elevator?” Tina whispered. “I don’t think they can.” Jack replied. Just then the elevator opened, *ding* it sounded. 8 zombies piled out. They ran, everyone in their office screamed, Tina grabbed the fire extinguisher, “Zombies don’t like this” she said. The first zombie coming their way was a zombie man with his leg all bone and bloody, his skin was hanging off his face, and he was holding a half full coffee. Tina sprayed the fire extinguisher, he covered his face as if in pain, meanwhile the police drove down to the scene, they managed to ,kill all of the zombies by burning them, (the only way to kill a zombie.)

Later that day Janice Pickens, news lady, was standing by a large flower bed about to go on air when she saw it, a bloody arm crawling toward her, it was only an arm, Janice screamed, “give me that lighter,” she yelled at Henry, the cameraman, he handed her a lighter, she took it and burned the arm, it started to flex, it caught on fire, after a few moments it turned to ash, *Whew* Janice sighed, “That was a close one.” Henry said “5,4,3,2,1, air.” Janice was broadcasting about the events of this tragic day. They finished up and drove away in the news van, Janice thought she saw a shadow in the ally way. From that day on everyone carried a light, or at least some source of fire, just in case, 2,000 people were killed that day. Including Tina and Jack.

Third Place Seventh Grade: “The Zombie Virus” by Ivan Teter (Fraser Valley Library)

Mike and Jerry were hanging out in the park, when they heard an explosion come from Skytropolis. They turned around and watched as the artificial sky island that held the nuclear reactor explode and the coolant tower spray coolant as it fell into the Earth’s trash mounds and crumble.

Mike and Jerry looked at each other and said simultaneously, “Uh oh.” They crossed the bridge quickly to the office sky island to see dead bodies standing up and wandering around.

“Let’s do this like in that old game Left 4 Dead and take them out!” said Jerry, hiding his fear. They ran across the bridge and saw a demolition truck parked in front of an old hotel.

They looked at each other and gleefully yelled, “DYNAMITE!” They rushed to the truck and filled their pockets. The zombies noticed them and they attacked. Mike lit and threw a stick of dynamite and ran. They bolted for the other end of the sky island with the surviving zombies sprinting closely behind. The bridge was out. They saw and turned to the nearest skyscraper. Carefully, they placed the dynamite on the weak points, and blew the skyscraper over. The skyscraper fell and made a makeshift bridge. They clambered on and ran to the sky island that held the megamall.

They saw a Construction Depot by the JC Nickels and grabbed a long wooden plank, as the bridge was out again. They carefully crossed over to the sky island that held the town hall and the anti-gravity center that controlled the gravity and floatation of Skytropolis. A horde jumped the gap when suddenly, the gravity level changed. A zombie was at the gravity and flotation controls, smashing his pale hand on the buttons at random.

Mike yelped, “Book it to the town hall and find a weapon in a dead security man’s and. I’ll use the Hackpad I invented from the iPad 10 to try to dull the control’s effect from the roof. We need to hurry before he smashes his pale, bony hand into the floatation controls and we plummet back to Earth, bury ourselves into the trash mounds, and explode because the coolant isn’t connected to the reactor!”

Jerry moonwalked to the town hall, having a little too much fun in the low gravity. He saw a dead security guard by the scanner that checks for metal. He grabbed the gun from his hand right before he woke up. He pulled the trigger, and the bullet blew a hole through his head. He turned, ran, and jumped on the roof Mike was on.

Mike poked his Hackpad one more time and said, “Thank goodness. I was actually able to deactivate the WHOLE control panel. You shoot the zombie at the desk and I’ll drop the reactor from her.”

Jerry jumped down and shot the zombie through the big, plexi-glass window. CRACK! He turned around to see the nuclear reactor fall to Earth and explode when it hit the ground.

First Place Sixth Grade: “The Diseased Pill” by Silas Almgren (Kremmling Library)

The pill was supposed to help, to cure and prevent any and all diseases, it was just an experiment gone terribly wrong. Now I’ll tell you the story of the way my friend Phil and I survived the closest thing you could get to an apocalypse.

It was the beginning 2020 and they still didn’t have a cure for cancer, they thought they weren’t making enough progress in medicine. Their decision was to create the C35 Pill, it was supposed to cure and prevent any disease. The pill only took eleven months to complete and when they finally released it to the public it was a big hit. But there was one thing the creators weren’t telling the public or the government they did a secret test on someone. When the person took the pill their eyes turned red, their teeth became pointed, here flesh started to decay, and there fighting skills increased, and their voice became deep and scratchy. Pretty much the pills didn’t cure diseases, it caused one. The creators plan was to use the people who took the pill and make an army for their own selfish uses. The pill was released to the public on the last day of 2020. We live in the mountains so it took an extra month to reach us.

We just got back in school and we were taking a test in algebra when somebody came in bearing the incredible new. It was such a glorious day they let us out of school early. When I got home my mom heard an alarming noise, so I grabbed a baseball bat and ran down stairs. What I saw shocked me, my mom had turned into one of the beasts. Then she lunged at me but I dodged the attack, but she kept coming. When I finally got up the courage I dealt a deliberate blow to her jaw. I bolted out onto the street my mind automatically went to finding my friend Phil.

I arrived in Phil’s room five minutes later, what I saw was a miracle Phil was okay. Instantly I shouted, “We have to get out of town! NOW!” We started running down the main highway when we saw a pack of the beasts feeding on a policeman. We made a hesitation then made a quick decision and took a detour to the school. Then when we arrived at the school we ran into the gym. We were crept out by the flickering lights but we made it to the back room, where we found compound target bows. We picked them up and a couple of quivers. When we got back out we saw one of the zombies creeping across the gym floor. I had another stupid idea that I made in a split second, I shot one of the lights. As it came down to the ground it had started a fire, but what surprised me most the fire automatically engulfed the zombie. That was it we needed to start an extremely large fire. “The gas station!” shouted Phil excitedly, “I have some matches.” That’s exactly what we did; we sprinted the short distance to the gas station, where we took out two zombies with bows. Then we took gas caps of the tanks and lit some matches.

We were running fast with the flames and the beasts right on our tails, but we were too fast. Minutes later we were up on the mountains watching our town dying into flames. “What happens now?” Phil said. “I don’t know, I don’t know.” The End

Second Place Sixth Grade: “The Devastation” (Kremmling Library)

I was trudging through the jungles of South Africa with my buds, Marcos and Jimmy. Then, all of a sudden, I hear a loud roaring.

“Probably a jet, get down,” I whispered.

Everybody got down and we realized it wasn’t a jet. I told Marcos, “Go up and destroy that ship!” I had to yell over the roaring so he could hear me. Marcos is kinda like the “Hulk”. That is why his codename is Marcos “The Hulk”. He just jumped up to that ship and ripped it apart. As the ship was going down, Marcos jumped down.

“Let’s go look for survivors,” I told Marcos and the rest of the men. There were survivors, but they weren’t alive.

“What is that?” Jimmy asked me as the first zombie crawled out of the ship.

“Does it matter?!!” Marcos screamed as he ripped its head off.

“I guess not,” I told him as I patted him on the back.

“Whatever it was,” he said, “it wasn’t human.”

“Remember,” I told him, “we’re at war with aliens.”

“But there was no blood,” he pointed out.

“Weird,” the field doctor said. “This heart looks like it hasn’t been pumping for thousands of years.”

“How can you tell?” I asked.

“The heart isn’t there,” and he showed me where the heart used to be.

“Ignite the ship so no more can come out,” I commanded

“Yes sir!” Jimmy said as he ran up with gasoline and a match.

Soon the ship was completely ignited.

“Good work, lieutenant!” I yelled over the roaring flames.

“Thank you, sir,” Jimmy replied

Then we heard a loud plane and Torrin comes parachuting down shooting zombies the whole way down.

“That was AWESOME!” I told Torrin when he got down.

“Thank you, sir,” he replied while reloading his guns.

Then, along came Jonathan with his parachute upside down. He pulled the cords and fell upside down.

“OW!” he screamed as he hit his head on a rock.

“Are you alright?” I asked him as he was getting up.

“I’m fine, sir” he moaned.

“I keep on telling you to stop jumping out upside down!” I replied.

“I keep on forgetting, sir, I’m sorry,” he said.

“You’re fine,” I told him as he dusted off his pants.

The next day Jonathan came up to me and gave me a piece of paper. I studied it for a while and found out that we were being invaded by zombie aliens called, “The Infection” and that they had already taken over most of the world, including Asia and Europe. When I read that they had taken over Colorado, I immediately wondered if they had taken over my hometown, Kremmling, Colorado. I still read on. I e-mailed everybody in the Kremmling area.

Three months had passed and I still had gotten no response.

“The Devastation” (Continued….Kremmling Library)

“We’re going,” I grumbled angrily.

“Where are we going, sir?” asked Jimmy and Torrin at the same time.

“Home,” I replied.

We arrived at the docks four days later to board the U.S.S Sinker, one of the greatest Battleships of all time. “This is amazing!” Jonathan said as he boarded the massive ship.

When we got to the Colorado River, since the Colorado begins in Grand County, we boarded a lifeboat and paddled down the river.

We arrived a hundred miles away from Kremmling, where two trucks were to meet us.

“Hop in!” the driver yelled, “Kremmling, here we come!”

Once we got there, the town was completely destroyed.

“Let’s go look for survivors,” I said, “park the car.”

“On it,” the driver said.

We walked the last two miles down to Kremmling. The men were exhausted. Then I had an idea.

“Let’s go see what’s left of the Kum and Go!”

That gave the men the encouragement that they needed. By the time got to the Kum and Go. We found out it was the only building left. We all saw the same things in the window, alien zombies.


All I could here was screaming and gunshots.

“Wait for me!” I yelled.

I could see everybody lining up for fountain drinks while I was on look out.

“Each squad will take one neighborhood,” I assigned everyone with their own neighborhoods that had their house.

I was moving with my squad towards my house, when I heard coughing. I told everyone to choose a house. I chose mine and sprinted towards it.

“Is anyone there!?” I yelled into the ruins of what used to be my house.

I heard groaning and I found a backhoe across the street and dug through the rubble. I found all my family. “Sir, come look at this!” I heard one of my men call.

“I’m coming!” I replied.


Third Place Sixth Grade: (Untitled) by Tyler Scholl (Kremmling Library)

“Beep”, the bell rings out at 3:00pm at the Chatfield Elementary in Denver, CO. “It’s time for ice cream.”, a boy named Stan with a dark brown tan and short blond hair blurts out.

Stan has been dreaming of this moment all day long, after his Mom gave him $5.00 to go to the local ice cream store after school.

“I’m going to get peppermint, chocolate and raspberry ice cream on a waffle cone.” He says while salivating at the thought.

As Stan walks to the ice cream truck he starts to order his different ice creams. When he sees a delicious red and green sorbet swirl called “zombie”. Stan excitedly orders this new flavor and takes a hungry lick out of the zombie ice cream.

The next thing Stan knows, he has turned into a scary, bony, bloody teethed zombie.

Throughout the day as more and more people eat this horrifying ice cream, the news is exploding with information of hundreds of zombies running around the city.

By the end of the week, the entire world had been taken over by billions of zombies except for one man named Pilot Bob and his crew of 86 men and women.

Pilot Bob had planned for this moment and knew it would happen. He had started a large company named Zombie Chemicals Inc. This special chemical that Zombie Chemicals make, not only stops the zombies from killing, but turns them all back into humans.

As Pilot Bob and his 86 other employees packed into 44 different B-12 bomber planes loaded with special chemicals, he said “Be Safe”.

After 3 days of thousands of chemicals sprayed, the world was back to normal. Stan went back to school with his friends, Pilot Bob was hailed, but there would always be that one “Zombie” ice cream that everyone loves!

The End

List of Winners:

6th Grade- 1st Silas Almgren, 2nd Benjamin Clark, 3rd Tyler Scholl

7th Grade- 1st Sydney Ritschard, 2nd Emmaline Hafford, 3rd Ivan Teter

8th Grade- 1st Sydney Almgren

Hot Sulphur Springs Library 25th Annual Scary Story Contest Winners (11 stories)

Kindergarten 1st Place- “The Princess Vampire” by Blaire Hester

Once upon a time there was a giant little princess and she was a vampire princess. She was playing soccer by herself and she ran into a vampire. The vampire had scary black teeth and he had green skin and his hair was dark as night. He said he would run her over with a car and she said to him that if he didn’t get away from her she would punch him in the face and then she ran screaming away from that vampire. He was the only one that did not know that she was a princess. When she went away she found a car and it had a big giant vampire in it and it was the one she ran away from! She said to him why won’t you go away I am just a princess and he fell over laughing! And they became friend and danced off into the night together.

First Grade 1st Place- (Untitled) by Charlotte Fody

There was a town that.

Was ckold cat town thare.

Was boy woo was.

Sckared of the town his.

Home was tom his big.

Bruther rick seid tmro.

Is Halloween I am being.

A gost tom was not happy.

Abowt Halloween his bruther.

Sckard him the nest moning.

It is Hallween in the Afternoon we was a gost to

Thae went trgrtrting wen thae got Home he wasint skard The End!

First Grade 2nd Place- “T-rex with Pirate” by Kailynn Merritt

Once upon a time there was a T-rex and a pirate. The T-rex was a pirate and a T-rex. And its helper apple tried to take over the world but it didn’t work. So they went to get a new job and it was the best job ever. They had to go on Halloween night and scare of the children. The helper had to get the spirit of the ghost. The spirit of the ghost had to get every single piece of candy and show it to them. After the helper had scared them he had to look inside and see how much meat they had inside and see if they could go home. And if the children had enough meat they would take them home and put them in the cooking pot. Then they would cook them. The End

1st Grade 3rd Place- “Monster Hunt” by Logan Whaley

Once upon a time there lived two monsters in the great dark forest.

One was named Jack and the other one was named Bill.

Jack said to bill “Let’s go hunting for monster deer.” Bill and Jack got ready for the hunt. Jack grabbed his gun and Bill took his bow and arrow. They set off to go hunting. When night fell they set up camp and started a fire. They left camp to start hunting. In a clearing they saw a huge monster deer. Jack shot it with his gun and the deer fell to the ground dead. The monster’s dragged it to camp and cooked it for dinner. It was yummy. They ate it all up. The end.

Second Grade 1st Place- “The Scarey Skeleton booooo Park by Mackenzie Moyer

The goblins and the devils and the ghosts and the witches went to the park and scared all the kids away. The monsters put glue and glitter all over the park. The kids came back to the park again and got stuck in it and 100 years later they were found in the 100 years they were alive skeletons! They scared everyone away. The skeletons came friends with the monsters they went into the town and ate some people. And the people in the bodys were alive. They are still eating people today.

Second Grade 2nd Place- “Vampire Cheerleaders” by Aida Hester and Eowyn Shreve

There was a group of pretty and young vampire cheerleaders. On day they where doing stunts near a cliff with no coach. They were not allowed to do that. They fell off of the cliff and landed on a big bag of marshmallows. They were so hungry that they took a bite. It had blood in it and they said “icky, yuk yum. They tried to get out but they could not. So they used their teeth to climb up the cliff. But their teeth broke and they fell in the bag of marshmallow. Then they heard zombie cheerleaders with their coach. Then the vampire cheerleaders yelled “help”. So the zombie cheer coach lowered a rope and the cheerleaders came up on their rope. Then they all cheered together and went to get pizza and root beer with extra blood. They had the most fun ever since they fell off the cliff. The End

Second Grade 3rd Place- (Untitled) by Ben Bailey

Once upon a time their wer five gosts three of them wer Big and one tme they met zombeys and they went hunting and ate two girls and they ate two Boys and nine grownups. There was one cat named City. He was so special he could become Eagle man. The bad guy cat turned into Eagleman and ate Everything.

Third Grade 1st Place- “Tony and the Zombies” by Katelyn Whaley

There was a little boy named Tony. Tony and his mom moved to a zombie town and did not know it. They moved into a haunted house. There was a zombie dog that lived in Tony’s closet

One night the zombie dog went downstairs to get something to eat. Tony’s mom Liz heard a strange sound and went to check it out. The zombie dog hid. Liz could not find anything so she went to bed.

The next day Tony’s mom called him for breakfast and then they went shopping. When they got home the house was a disaster so Tony and his mom cleaned it up. That night they both heard an eery howl. They went to investigate and found the zombie do standing on the top of the stairs. Tony fed the zombie dog and asked to keep him. Liz said okay and went back to sleep.

Later that night a young girl knocked on their door and yelled “Help! Help!” Tony and his mother woke up and went downstairs. Liz opened door and the girl rushed in and slammed the door behind her. The girl asked for some water and told them she had just been bit by a zombie. The girl’s name was Lucy and she told them the water in their house was not just any water, it was magic healing water. Lucy poured the water on the zombie bite and the wound healed. She was so happy that now she would not turn into a zombie.

Lucy and Tony heard a loud noise and looked out the window. A large group of zombies had followed Lucy to Tony’s house. Liz said “Oh no. We are going to die!” The zombies broke the door down and one bit Tony. He ran upstairs after his mom and Lucy. Lucy poured the rest of the magic water on Tony and he was healed. When they all got to Tony’s room they opened his window and all the zombies melted in the sunlight.

Lucy followed Tony and Liz to their car and they all hopped in a drove away. None of them knew the zombie dog was hiding in the back of the car. The zombie dog bit Lucy, Tony, and his mom. They had no more magic water and they all turned into zombies. THE END

Third Grade 2nd Place- “The two animals and the Zombys” by Sam Shockley

This is to tell about zombies

One upon time there was 50 zombies they ate 60 humans in 15 days.

Once upon time in the forest all the animals were playing around in the forest. Two small animals wandered around the forest. Their mom’s are not with them. Two zombies saw the two small animals playing in the forest. The two animals saw the zombies but they, meaning the animals, didn’t know what they were. They continued playing in the forest. The Zombies walked toward the animals. 5 other zombies jumped on the two animals and ate the two animals. The end.


Fifth Grade 1st Place- “The Haunted House” by Vinny Troccoli

It was Halloween and Brent, Jesse, and Jose were trick-or-treating. Jesse and Jose were twins. They wanted to have a fun time and get the most candy, so they left early.

On the twentieth street Jessie saw an abandoned house. “Want to go into it?” asked Brent. “Sure lets go.” They rang the doorbell and a giant rubber slab came and pushed them inside. “That as creepy,” said Jose. Skeletons surrounded them in a U shape. The pushed the kids down the laundry chute. Down they went, screaming all the way. “Lets get out of here” they yelled. One minute later they came out. They landed in a laundry cart, on a track!

The cart started down the track. Mice and giant spiders crawled all over them. They jumped out of the cart and it stopped. When they stood up a hoard of zombies came and threw them back in. The cart started again. Pumpkins shot all around the track. Splat! A pumpkin landed in the cart and let out a warning. “Leave this mansion, or else.” The cart stopped suddenly. They flew out and landed on the concrete. “Lets flee” yelled Brent. “Right behind you” said Jesse. They dropped everything and ran away.

Ten hours later …the house disappeared.

Fifth Grade2st Place- “Zombies Come to town” by Kyle Retzer

September 27 2011. The rise of the zombies finally came. The kids and parents were running from the zombies, in the middle of the night. Some people were going to get big rifles. For some people it was too late for them to get their guns. The army came but, they got killed by a zombie with a 50 cal.

In October 2 the war between the humans and the zombies. A lot of people turn into zombies from zombies. There are bloody bodies every where. All of the parents were too scared to get up and save their kids.

The kids got up and grabed as many weapons as they could and killed the zombies. All the kids are safe but some parents got killed. The dead people filled the entire graveyard.

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