Schmuck – New medical center raises questions |

Schmuck – New medical center raises questions

To the Editor:

After all I have read in the newspaper and after talking to different people, I believe the new clinic that Kremmling Hospital District is building in Granby is not all good.

According to some people quoted in the newspaper, this is a win-win situation for everyone, especially for their medical clients. It was reported that the employees at the (existing) Granby Medical Clinic would have an opportunity to go to the new clinic. What it didn’t say is they all had to reapply for a new job with a 30 percent pay cut.

I wonder how many clients the new facility will keep from the present Granby clinic with all the great doctors and staff gone, the medical staff we all have strong feelings and trust with.

The way the Kremmling Hospital District is not telling all, how long before they want to include the Granby area and east Grand County in their hospital taxing district?

Randy Schmuck


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