School critics: Get your facts right |

School critics: Get your facts right

In response to the letters by Al Olson and Ed Saltzman, I would simply like to request that they get their facts right when making assertions about the East Grand School District’s budget and supposed scare tactics.

Has either one of them ever served on the DAC and learned about school finance law like Christina Heil and Lisa Simpson did? I doubt it. Those two women spent two years and over 70 meetings learning and understanding Colorado school finance laws and our district’s budget crisis. I respect their opinions because of that. I don’t respect the opinions of people who think they understand something because they went to a single meeting or read someone else’s letter to the editor.

As to Al Olson’s assertion that the superintendent’s secretary makes $75,000 per year, that number in the budget refers to both secretaries in the district office. Also, when he asserts that it is PERA benefits that are bankrupting state budgets, he is failing to include the crippling effects of the Gallagher Amendment, the TABOR amendment and other tax-cutting measures that have continually dropped our taxes in this state, while trying to maintain the same level of services. That is what is unsustainable.

As to Ed Saltzman’s assertion that it is the East Grand School District that is asking for a 1 percent sales tax increase, he too is misinformed. It is not the school district that is asking for that money – it is the Fraser Valley community group that is proposing the tax increase. When he tells the district to “wake up and smell the coffee and make cuts if necessary” … they have done so by proposing to cut two elementary schools. If they don’t cut the elementary schools, then the alternative cuts would be teachers and programs, including extracurriculars.

As for Reggie Paulk’s rambling nonsense, I don’t even know what his point was. But I do know that he has a website, has time to fly a small airplane and write a lot of letters to public officials.

In any case, I would just like to encourage the future public discourse about this school issue to include a lot more facts and a lot less hearsay. That will allow us all to make a truly informed decision about what is best for all students, K-12 in the entire East Grand School District, including my children who attend Granby Elementary and who are getting a wonderful education.

Abby Loberg


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