Schools out of temporary lockdown from report of ‘suspicious’ male |

Schools out of temporary lockdown from report of ‘suspicious’ male

Tonya Bina
Sky-Hi News

Grand County schools were in a lockdown for about 10 minutes on Wednesday morning after a man was spotted near the Granby Library dressed in camouflage and carrying a rifle.

Later identified as a hunter who was walking to public hunting areas past the town, the man continued to Diamond Avenue, then was approached by a Grand County deputy on County Road 61 outside of Granby.

Schools were in lockdown as a precautionary measure as police were looking for the man, who when found was released without arrest.

The individual identified himself as a town resident who lives a few blocks from the schools.

“He was walking, which is not against the law,” said Sergeant Jim Kraker of the Granby Police.

Police talked to the hunter about “using better discretion” next time, Kraker said.

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