Senators should address climate change, energy |

Senators should address climate change, energy

The U.S. Senate finished its session this month without finishing its job.

More than anything else in America today, we need an effective climate and clean energy bill. We need to replace carbon-intensive fuels with clean, renewable sources of energy. And yet senators failed to deliver on this most vital of issues, in many cases – and despite their stated reasons – because their re-election is being funded by fossil fuel industries.

Such senators do not serve the people.

In poll after poll, Americans have shown they want action on climate change. The Senate is out of touch with America.

When senators Bennet and Udall return from Colorado to Washington in September, they must do two things:

Firstly, press leadership to introduce a strong climate and clean energy bill and vote for it, putting aside any local or short-term concerns. The bill should put in place:

• A firm cap on carbon emissions, across the economy

• A robust national renewable electricity standard, to move us toward truly sustainable energy.

Secondly, push for a radical change in congressional campaign financing, so that senators no longer feel constrained to vote against the interests of the people.

We expect no less of them.

Our nation needs effective action on climate and energy more than it needs any one senator to be re-elected.

If our senators refuse to act in the best interest of their constituents, and the country as a whole, it is our responsibility to ensure they loose the job we gave to them

Time to show up, or stay home, Sens. Bennet and Udall. We are watching you.

Steven Holmberg

Winter Park

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