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‘Senioritis’ will eventuallty subside

To the Editor:

SENIORITIS … My family has recently been struck by a nearly fatal disease …

SENIORITIS … I have done research and have discovered that this may actually be caused by temporary (we hope) swelling of the brain …

Its symptoms for the senior can cause their systems to temporarily shut down, it affects their ability to make good decisions, retain important information like phone numbers, time, and where they live …

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This disease also affects the parents and family members with side effects, such as losing the ability to recognize your child, sleep deprivation, appetite changes, and inability to regain control.

It occurred to me that this same disease hit our house when we were growing up (with no fatalities) First In ’77 then in ’79, again in ’81, twice in ’84, and twice again in ’88.

We all survived, some with more scarring than others, some requiring some minor counseling.

I realize that this is only phase one of this disease. During the last week of school for seniors some symptoms seem to go into remission. .. But I know it can return with a vengeance and this time I WILL be ready. I am arming myself, my family, and my home. WE ARE PREPARED.

I am armed with every threat, tone, warning and tactic used by my parents; although, I will not use them unless absolutely necessary.

Just as I am writing this my son walks through the door. I suddenly recognize him and have sympathy for his condition. Its seems as though the symptoms are indeed gone, as he tells me that he loves me, and speaks to me as if I am a human being.

But I cannot be caught off guard, I know that this disease will not likely be done running its course until at least the day after graduation.

In the end this disease will bring us closer and I look forward to that with much delight. I want him to know how proud of him I am, and that he is an amazing person who will go very far in this life, and that he will be made stronger by this disease. They say “that which does not kill you makes you stronger” Right.

I say congratulations.

Lorri Tenney

Mom of senior JPV (senioritis survivor … lol)

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