Shed partnership prides itself in quality |

Shed partnership prides itself in quality

by Cyndi Palmer
Grand County Homes and Properties

American Pride Construction, Inc. and CARQUEST have partnered to offer custom-built storage solutions.

The two companies are locally owned, locally operated, and use locally harvested wood for any type of storage shed ” “from doghouse to garage”-size structures ” “any size, absolutely, said Quinn Wilcox, American Pride, Inc. owner.

The buildings, made from blue-stain local pine American Pride Construction, Inc. collects, is cut down and put together to customer specifications. The company prides itself in its “extreme duty, specialized solutions for all your outdoor storage needs.”

Shane Wilcox, American Pride foreman, personally chooses material from the stock at the company. He approves only the highest quality timber for further processing.

“From the forest floor to your back door, you can be assured of the quality, durability and pride placed into each custom structure we build,” Quinn Wilcox said.

American Pride’s computer-controlled sawmills then custom cut each piece to

detailed standards, “ensuring high-quality, consistent and precise grades are used across the entire product line. You won’t find any ‘off’ or ‘odd’ lumber in our storage structures.”

No plywood is used in the construction of the sheds. The company makes the floors out of one-and-a-half to two-inch-thick planks, which are supported by 2×6 joists and 6×6 beams underneath. What you end up with is a shed that the company said will be strong enough to store a small recreational vehicle or ATV.

To top it off right, the company uses 30-year shingles and metal edging on the roof. It is their “commitment to quality and value that make our structures far superior to other ‘sheds’ you’ll find elsewhere.”

No two structures are alike. Each one is a custom build with unique features. Unlike sheds built by some of the regional competitors, some of which have been shown to fall apart when placed at the site, American Pride’s sheds are built to withstand the road trip and the test of time. The structures also exceed the Grand County’s snow load requirements.

They are designed and engineered to be safely and securely transported to any specific site. If the site you’ve set aside isn’t accessible by vehicle, Wilcox, Stewart Schwanson, and other crew members are skilled and prepared to build the shed right at the location.

“I think the community is in need of a good quality shed,” said John DeCicco of CARQUEST. “And these are selling like crazy.”

Prices range from $20 per square foot for a non-site-built standard unit, with free estimates available for units with more detail. Special features available include porches, windows and siding.

CARQUEST, which serves as the display and sales site for several finished structures, is located at 64287 U.S. Highway 40 in south Granby. For more information, call (970) 887-2111 or (970) 509-9292, or visit