Shouldn’t we try to save our schools first? |

Shouldn’t we try to save our schools first?

I was handed a flier for the kids triathlon that is being held at the Fraser Valley rec center, and it looks like a great event.

The one detail that caught my attention is that it is a fundraiser for the children’s schools in Uganda. I really do think that that is a very noble idea, as education is extremely important worldwide.

My concern and question is why are we not thinking about our own public schools that are in danger of being closed for three months of this upcoming school year, leaving hundreds of children with no real plan for that time, putting those hundreds of families in a pretty difficult position of where they might put their children while they try to work and carry on with life?

It would be nice to see our community focus on our own problems at hand to ensure that the future of our county and community is stable and secure before we try and take on the world.

Elaine Sarnosky

Winter Park

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