Sign design in the works for Grand Park Community Rec Center |

Sign design in the works for Grand Park Community Rec Center

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FRASER – While people have been asking and wondering, “What’s up with the rec center sign?” the Fraser Valley Metropolitan Recreation District Board of Directors has renewed its commitment to get the sign done.

At the board’s September meeting, President Dan O’Connell said the board is working to find a design that meets the Grand Park Master Sign Plan and fits within the board’s budget.

Grand Park has an architectural review committee that reviews and approves all sign designs for its business district. Grand Park Community Recreation Center falls within that district.

Parks and Recreation Director Scott Ledin said the board has submitted two design concepts to the Grand Park architectural review committee. One was a metal sign – just letters – that would have appeared over the front entry. The other was a much larger sign that would have appeared on the building’s brick facade with lighting.

Grand Park developer Clark Lipscomb said the review committee has so far rejected one sign design because “it was too industrial.”

Lipscomb said that he spent a year and a half working to get the Grand Park Master Sign Plan approved and put a lot of thought into the criteria included in it. The Town of Fraser board of trustees approved the Grand Park Master Sign Plan in May.

Lipscomb said that the review committee gave the rec board some feedback but hasn’t heard anything since.

“Signage is an integral part of the design process,” Lipscomb said, adding that he has been very eager to see the sign complete.

“We would all like to get the signage up and are even looking at some large, action silhouettes for the front of the building that would make it very obvious what we are about,” Ledin said.

Lipscomb added that the rec center has been open almost a year without a sign. Without the sign, he worried that the rec center may be losing business.

While attendance numbers have far exceeded expectations indicating that people are still finding the facility, Ledin said: “We certainly don’t want to lose customers and are working toward getting that exterior signage designed, approved and built.”

Lipscomb said he recommended that the board engage Granby architect Scott Munn to draft a design for the board rather than trying to do it in-house.

Munn is in the process of coming up with some conceptual ideas but hasn’t been placed under contract, Ledin said.

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