Silverleaf just latest in long line of developments |

Silverleaf just latest in long line of developments

To the Editor:

It Ain’t what it once was in Winter Park Ranch …

We have been property owners in Winter Park Ranch for the past 30 years. We own the second home built in the complete development at Brooky and Cranmer.

I remember the days of hunting on the land now in question with the Silverleaf development and the area property owners. I think I killed a bull elk or two there.

I also remember the days freaking out because the developer was going to complete the roads around the area in question and we were going to have to deal with property owners and their cars, the noise and so on. My father would chase down trucks, asking them to slow down.

He would watch the area as if he owned it all. Development was on the rise … and we were all very unhappy.

My parents then got the itch to become developers and designed and laid out the Indian Peaks Resort, a long-standing timeshare resort with 1,248 owners in Winter Park Ranch.

In the 1980s, the market went sour and hard times hit the area. My parents sold out and a timeshare developer took over. The resort had several ups and downs, as did all resorts in the Fraser Valley, but it survived. The homeowners of the resort took over from the developer. I had the pleasure of turning the resort around with a management team, and all was good.

The Midwest homeowners added their different styles and personalities to the valley along with their money in the off-season ” boy that helped. During my time at Indian Peaks , I had the pleasure of working with Silverleaf Resorts in their exchange program.

They worked well and provided the homeowner at Indian Peaks with much-needed good services. Indian Peaks, the timeshare resort located just next door to where I have lived for the past 30 years, has been an added development to our area with good homeowners.

I could never shoot a bull elk in their front yard, and I do have a problems with changes to the valley as a whole. It saddens me and I have seen many more changes than most folks in the area. I’m sad now, as I was sad 30 years ago, when all these little houses started popping up, such as the ones around the valley, like the Glos home.

Silverleaf has the complete right to develop the property as zoned, and the county has little choice but to allow them to do so. Our property is also zoned for this same type of development, and it saddens me to know that it too will be developed down the road.

It sounds as if the Glos family will be missed in the valley, if and when they sell their home. They sound like concerned and good people.

I have watched a lot of people come and go for the very same development reasons. Property owners have rights, whether it be the Glos Family or The Silverleaf Resorts.

Remember ” it ain’t what it once was, and it will never be again.

Good luck, Glos family, and Welcome Silverleaf Resorts ” the county did the right thing.

Stephen Palm

Winter Park

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