Skier caught in avalanche near Hoosier Pass, self-rescues |

Skier caught in avalanche near Hoosier Pass, self-rescues

Deepan Dutta / Summit Daily
This photo shows an avalanche path triggered by a skier on Loveland Pass.
Courtesy Colorado Avalanche Information Center

The Colorado Avalanche Information Center is reporting the first case of a human caught in an avalanche in or around Summit County this season. The incident was minor, and the skier was unharmed and able to self-rescue.

According to the CAIC’s avalanche report, the incident occurred in a popular touring area in the slopes above the North Star neighborhood, directly above County Road 2. The avalanche was likely caused by the collapse of a slab of old snow under the season’s new snow. A small pocket within the slide stepped down to the ground while the caught skier was touring below the slope. The skier then yelled “Avalanche!” when the slide quietly broke. Only a few inches of snow washed over his skis, but he tripped, falling downhill. The skier’s lower body was partially buried. The skier was moved a little over 3 yards downhill on the toe of the slide. Both the skier and companion were equipped with appropriate gear and beacons.

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