Sky-Hi Daily News launches redesigned Web page |

Sky-Hi Daily News launches redesigned Web page

The Sky-Hi Daily News Web site sports a new look today, with larger text, fully displayed headlines and a simpler design.

The new look is hoped to bring online readers a wider selection of news on the homepage, and the newly created “Members’ Hub” was designed to encourage readers to participate in discussions relevant to the community. The “Members’ Hub” better highlights items readers have contributed, putting greater emphasis on your photos, your videos and connecting with other members.

Sky-Hi parent company Colorado Mountain News Media updated all of its newspaper Internet sites upon user feedback that the former homepages were confusing to navigate.

Since the redesigned Web site went live this afternoon, readers shouldn’t be alarmed if things look odd for a period. It may take a while for all servers to switch over, and for your Web browser to realize that there are new versions of scripts that it normally runs from cache. Refreshing the site’s homepage may help in some cases.

Please take a day or two to become familiar with the new functionality. There is a “feedback” link at the top of all pages where we look forward to learning what you think of the changes.