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Sky-Hi Daily News: Staff Observations

On Monday night, I was in the self-checkout line at Safeway when a woman smiled at me and said, “You had to make a couple of tough choices. Did they keep you awake at night?”

I looked down at my bag of English muffins, bananas and deli cheese. I thought, “I did hesitate before buying the $7.99 quart of organic juice.”

Fortunately, my boyfriend is quicker on his feet than I and he answered for me.

“I lost sleep,” he said, “because she kept me awake.”

It wasn’t until I was in the parking lot that it hit me. She wasn’t talking about my groceries. She was talking about the newspaper.

“Yes, I did lose sleep,” I should have said. “Thank you for asking.”

– Autumn Phillips

A friend picked me up at the San Francisco airport on Friday.

I said, “Lets pick up a newspaper to see what’s going on this weekend.”

He said, “Newspaper?! What newspaper? I have an iPhone.”

– Autumn Phillips

As club hoppers milled about the Fraser Valley this past weekend, I had a chance to swing by the Crooked Creek Saloon to check out two new wild bands. I was pleased to see Bad Water out of Hot Sulphur Springs take the stage with its varietal rock. While fitting for some ski equipment a couple weeks ago at Christy Sports, I found out employee Jeff Lunde plays bass for the band.

Everyone should look out for the next time he, Vinny Troccoli (drums), Bob Flaherty (guitar) and lead vocalist Todd Bussard play. Bussard, who works out at the High Altitude Auto place in Granby, jokes the four were really nothing more than a Monday Night Boys Club with musical talent. He said they almost live on the same street in Hot Sulphur and have been playing together for about a year and half now. I wonder if the Bad Water name has anything to do with those members being from HSS and am trying to remember to ask them.

Afterward, Troccoli and Bussard joined band Dissin’ Terry, who headlined for the evening. Lineup for Dissin’ Terry included Hot Sulphur-area residents Mickey Sandora and Trish Leone (of band 3rd Time Lucky), joined by Joe Bowman (all decked out in cowboy hat and boots for the occasion).

Drummer Terry Tompkins sometimes hits the sticks for Sandora and Leone when 3rd Time Lucky drummer Gary Birch isn’t available. The band name for Saturday’s performance, Sandora said, teases Tompkins a little bit, plus they liked the humor about it following Bad Water. Rarely do audiences get to hear Sandora sing, aside from backup vocals, and he’s actually pretty good (that’s me teasing him now, as he is a very talented fellow).

Meanwhile, in the Three Lakes Area, people are reminded to keep a close eye on the wildlife coming down to the low country, and predators. Not only are drivers most likely to come across a deer or elk along U.S. Highway 34 (sometimes whole herds), but coyotes have been out in full force (even in town) and the bears are probably starting to wake up – really hungry.

I was saddened to hear about Rocky, Braun family long-haired dachshund, who disappeared last week. Doris, who owns the Waconda with husband Egon, is worried the elder member of the family (Rocky was 13.5) was carried away and called in to warn her friends and neighbors.

– Cyndi McCoy

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