Sky-Hi pop-ups are a nuisance |

Sky-Hi pop-ups are a nuisance

Sky-Hi pop ups are a nuisance

To the Editor:

Please eliminate the pop-up questions that require online readers to answer questions before continuing on to the Web page they are trying to read.

These pop-up questions are very annoying, and I think that the readers of this newspaper should be able to enjoy reading the newspaper online without such a persistent nuisance.

Perhaps the solution would be for the pop-ups to appear only for unregistered readers, but not for readers who frequently visit and sign in.

James Ware

Grand Lake

Editor’s note: Although Mr. Ware’s suggestion will be taken into consideration, there is an explanation for the pop-up questions that appear on the Sky-Hi News Web pages. Many news sites have implemented a paywall in front of their content and charge a fee. The survey implemented on the Sky-Hi News site and other sites of Colorado Mountain News Media, Swift Communications, is in lieu of charging readers a subscription fee. Would you rather answer one to two questions every day or pay to read the content? The survey is meant to be a simple solution to keep sites free. No one at the Sky-Hi News, Colorado Mountain News Media or Swift has access to the answers to the survey questions. The information belongs to Google.

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